shiloh biting and licking his paws excessivly

shaina careyshaina carey south glens fallsPosts: 228Member
how can i stop shiloh from biting and licking his paws excessivly and why does he do it?

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  • Sarah LundleySarah Lundley OaklandPosts: 894Member
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    Two obvious signs of a food allergy in dogs is excessive licking of the paws and/or the base of the tail. I would look at the ingredients of the food you're feeding Shiloh and if you see corn, chicken, gluetin or wheat, you might want to find a food that doesn't have any of those ingredients. The food does exist, but it can be expensive. Your dog might be allergic to only one of those ingredients, but you won't know until you do a trial with different foods and cancel out each ingredient. I know people with dogs who can't touch anything with chicken in it, otherwise the dogs will lick and lick at their paws until they bleed. My one friend feeds her dogs food made w/ buffalo meat and her dogs no longer lick at their paws. You will need to put a fair amount of energy into weeding out ingredients to see what makes your dog feel better.
  • Wendy DanburyWendy Danbury OrangePosts: 861Member
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    Hi Shiloh! I agree with the other post that it could be food allergies. Some good brands are Wellness, Inova, Lotus, Taste of the Wild, and Solid Gold. They cost more, but you'll eat less and poop less because they have better ingredients. I would start with a visit to the vet to see if he/she sees any medical causes for the behavior. And I would ask if you are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. Sometimes an itchy paw can lead to an obsessive behavioral problem, if you don't have enough activities to keep you occupied. Two daily walks, frequent trips to the dog park or dog beach, interesting "puzzle" toys, and practicing obedience commands and tricks will all help with your mental and physical wellbeing. Finally, assuming the vet has ruled out allergies or other causes, I would consult with a behaviorist who uses humane methods and positive reinforcement. Short-term, try a product called the Itch Stick to soothe your paws. It tastes yucky and feels good on hot, itchy skin.
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