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Well, for the past month Boris has had the privilege of not being locked in his crate at night. So both he and Milo had access to the living room and kitchen area. Prior to all of this, we've had to slip cover our sofa because Boris chewed a whole in the main cushion.We're now on our 3rd slip cover. I just spent $100 this past Friday on a slip cover. Haven't even had it for a week. Wednesday nights I stay at my mom's and this morning I received a call that when Todd came downstairs this morning, Boris was really quiet and he looked where he was and noticed the cushion of the sofa slightly off the base of the sofa. (we also put chairs on the sofa to keep them off). Well, he chewed a golf ball size hole in the slip cover to get to the sofa cushion and gnaw on that. He was doing so well but he's seriously costing us a fortune and we can't afford to get a new sofa at the moment. Todd is at his end and said from now on Boris is in his crate at night. Any advice would be helpful.

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  • alicia villasenoralicia villasenor Posts: 561Member
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    Make sure he has plenty of his own toys/treats to chew on. Every time you catch him chewing on anything he isn't suppose to, correct him by telling him "No" and give him one of his toys to chew on. Every time he jumps on the couch, tell him "down" and train him to stay off the couch. Reinforce the good behaviors you want with treats and praise. There's also some "training sprays" you can buy at places like Petco, Petsmart, Walmart, that you spray on areas you don't want your do to chew on. Not sure if the sprays are furniture friendly but you can check on it. Good luck!
  • Amy SchmittAmy Schmitt North Tonawanda, NY (Buffalo)Posts: 131Member
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    My first reaction (without knowing the background) is what's so bad about the crate? If they don't whine and don't mind it at night, then crate them. They'll be much safer. An alternative suggestion is to get doggie beds in your bedroom and let them sleep on them near you (in their bed, not yours) with the door closed (which keeps roaming at a minimum). Do you think this could be a sign of separation anxiety?? A toy recommendation...mega chewers like my Maxie love Busy Buddy's Funny Bone.
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