i have a pitbull mix that chews up the fence to get out and i am afraid hegoing to get hit

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    It may be wise to invest is a chain-link fence. Dogs can't chew through metal. You could also invest in an electric fence, but not as a replacement, just as something to keep him away from the wooden fence. Bare in mind that dogs with high prey drive have been known to go past the fence despite the shock, and if the power ever goes off, he can still get out. Another alternative is to put him out in his yard on a leash or tie-out. Just don't leave him tied outside for long periods of time. Dogs need companionship and they do not like being tied up.
  • kelley wyskielkelley wyskiel moorePosts: 68Member
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    You could go out with him whenever you take him out.Make sure he gets walked a couple of times a day.If your afraid to keep kim inside while your away you might try to crate train him.It sounds like you leave him outside and dogs need companionship .. and a home with the people they love to be with.
  • pam pugpam pug JolietPosts: 64Member
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    You are correct. He WILL get hit. He may be stolen and/or poisoned. Why would you leave the dog outside unattended? Having a dog is like having a child. You would not leave your child outside unattended. Do not leave your dog out. Your darling needs attention and love. I hope your dog is spayed/neutered. Staffordshires need lots of training and attention. They are WONDERFUL family pets with the proper care.
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