My Bagle won't stop chewing

Paloma MillerPaloma Miller Posts: 2Member
She is 7 months old and chews walls,armchair arms, furniture,m husband is going crazy-she even chewed the trim off of our bookcase in less than 5 minutes. Will she ever outgrow this (and she loves the taste of the bitter apple and other products like this)

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  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Labs may continue to 2-3 years. Try careful attention when you are around and a crate when not. Young Labs, which I know best, and other puppies tend to very bad about biting. You see a litter of them, and all the ones that are awake are biting another one or themselves. I am not even sure they realize that when they are alone, if they quit biting, they would quit being bitten. At 3 to 4 months they are getting their adult teeth, and it seems they spend every waking moment biting or chewing. One thing you can do at that stage is to knot and wet a piece of cloth. Then freeze it. The cooling will soothe the gums. Only let the puppy have it when you are there to watch it. I maintain a Lab's favorite chew toy is another Lab. Otherwise they settle for any person they can. They keep hoping to find one that won't yelp, jerk their hand away, and leave. You just have to keep on correcting them, hundreds of times, not dozens. Provide sturdy, safe toys such as Kongs and Nylabones.
  • Wendy DanburyWendy Danbury OrangePosts: 861Member
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    Hi there! I agree with Aster that providing safe things to chew should help, and crating when you're not supervising will keep your possessions safe. I would add a question: how often is this girl getting outside for a walk or a trip to the dog park or dog beach? She is seeking stimulation, and has a lot of energy to put into that chewing! Regular exercise and social time off-leash with other dogs should help her settle down more at home. Also, Beagles are very, very scent-oriented. You can try some fun games with her, like tracking or "find-your-dinner." Tracking is a sport that I don't have room to describe, but Google it for a local group to join. Find-your-dinner is a simple, fun game that can be done inside or outside. Instead of putting down her food bowl, hide pieces of kibble behind bushes, trees, furniture, etc., wherever you like. She will have physical and mental stimulation, "hunting" for her food. You can also try interactive toys to make her work for her food. Good luck!
  • Katrina JeffreysKatrina Jeffreys LansingPosts: 178Member
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    OMD!! You must be my long lost sister!! I also love all the bitter products and am a destructive chewer. I am an 8 mo old Beagle/Black Lab mix. Mama was at her wits end after I chewed cords of lamps, the Wii, Playstation, iron, extension cords, 4 cell phone chargers, 3 shoes, feather pillow, carpet, just to name a few... I have bad separation anxiety being abandoned and crated as a rescue, so I think that is part of my problem, too. My mama makes sure she leaves, she gives me a kong ball full of treats. She also makes sure I have lots of chew toys and toys I can chew apart. As a last resort, mama sprayed watered down tabasco on the carpet to keep me from chewing what I already started. I am now doing very, very well on the destruction, but am still a pup. Mama thinks I will out grow it, but still wishes she had stock in Kong and Dingo Bones!!!! Good luck, you will outgrow it and be a good girl for your mama!! Love Brisco
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