Good apartment Dog Breeds?

I need a small dog breed, that is a great family dog, and can keep quiet enough to live in an apartment.

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  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    boston terriers. But, with any dog start with lots of training and exercise to the outside world. There is some great mature boston terriers in rescues who need homes desperately.
  • Wendy DanburyWendy Danbury OrangePosts: 861Member
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    Hi there! I just found this great site a few days ago - you can click on "find your match" at the top of the page, and take a quiz to figure out which breeds will match your preferences: The cool thing is, once you've completed the quiz, the site will show you adoptable dogs near your zip code, all meeting your criteria, and all in need of a good home! Cool, huh? Hope this helps - enjoy!
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    How much grooming are you willing to do? How much energy would you want your dog to have? How much exercise would you be willing to give? Jack Russells can make good apartment dogs, IF you give them all the physical and mental exercise they need. They are an extremely high energy breed, and would want to be with you wherever you go. Papillons can make good apartment dogs, but they need frequent brushing due due to the texture of their long coat. And they do need exercise daily, as any dog. When it comes right down to it, you're the one to best decide which dog you should have because you know yourself and your lifestyle better than we do. The best way to find the best dog for you is to research the different breeds. There are breed quizes on the internet that can help, but they are not completely accurate, so you still need research. Other things you need to research include how to properly groom, bath, feed, and train a dog. Some of this information is breed specific, so once you choose a breed, be sure to read up on this as well. Like WAY before getting this breed. One more thing you really need to research, where to and where not to get a dog. In general, places to avoid buying a dog from: -Pet stores (because they get their dogs from puppy mills and BYBs, good breeders do not ever sell to pet stores because they are the ones responsible for making sure that theur dogs get good homes, not the pet store. Buying from a pet store only gives the puppy mills a reason to keep up their terrible/ignorant practices) -Puppy mills (Mass-production "breeders" who keep up to hundreds of dogs, and neglect them to the extreme, even avoiding any vet care at all. They breed their dogs on every heat (which is dangerous to their health), and breed only for the big bucks.) -Backyard Breeders (Usually average dog owners with completely innocent intentions, but they unknowlingly contribute to the overall un-health of today's purebreds because they do not health test, among other things. In short, not responsible breeders.) Good places to get a dog from: -Reputable breeders (Breeders who breed only for the good of their breed. They spend hundreds of dollars aking sure that their dogs are breeding quality (fully genetically health tested, titled in working and/or showing, have good temperaments, etc), to the point where they do not make money--rather they lose it--with every litter they breed. It takes much research to be able to find one of these breeders, as they have many qualities to look for. My website is one good place to research about breeders as, but it should not be the only place: -Animal shelters -Rescue centers
  • alysse murawskialysse murawski ludingtonPosts: 8Member
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    you should try a chewawa they are small but elagent
  • Vanessa NegronVanessa Negron Posts: 133Member
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    I think a Shih tzu is a good apartment dog. They barely shed, and most are very docile. Well I haven't met a hyper active Shih tzu to this day but I'm sure not all Shih tzu's are mellow. Anyway, my shih tzu only barks when someone knocks on the door so she's very quite.
  • Suzanne FanningSuzanne Fanning Hermiston, ORPosts: 6Member
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    I don't agree that a Jack Russell (Parson Russell) Terrier is the best choice for apartment life. They can be wonderful dogs IF you have the time and patience to train them. And you have to start training early and be consistent with your training. They are VERY high energy dogs that need lots of exercise and stimulation. I personally would recommend a miniature dachshund, pug, chihuahua or a toy poodle. They are all lovely breeds that don't need nearly as much exercise as a Russell.
  • Niki LaytlaNiki Laytla everettPosts: 13Member
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    The greatest dog breeds for apts are: Yorkshire terriers bull dogs papillions malteses chiuhua poodles(toy.Tea cup) Dalmations and cavalier king charles spanies/susex spaniels
  • Jon SamsonJon Samson Posts: 5Member
    Accepted Answer
    You can just adopt an online dog here: It's really realistic and it lets you play with your puppy and train it until it's an adult. Now I'm a vet in the game and I belong to another player's kennel club. It's great for replacing dogs in real life if you live in an apartment...


  • tomlinertomliner Posts: 1Member
    I recently found a great website. We all know that the best dog breed in the world is Labrador Retriever. This dog has extraordinary qualities including intelligence and love for family. You can know everything about this dog breed here with detailed guide about there training and protection.
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