do dogs see in color???

Kylie DennisKylie Dennis TooelePosts: 1,805Member
i am really curious if dogs see in color? or do they see in some colors or just pure black and white? Thanx!!

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  • Nichole SanfordNichole Sanford ripleyPosts: 647Member
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    I think they see just black and white.
  • Michael AlbeeMichael Albee Cedar RapidsPosts: 245Member
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    Yes, they can see colors. They just dont see Vivid color. A study done about 15 years ago proved this and they said that they see color at about the same rate that we do at twilight. Here is a link that I posted on this topic:
  • Dap123Dap123 Quezon CityPosts: 763Member
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    Yes, we dogs DO see in color. But we can't see all the colors humans can. Some of the colors dogs can see are: -purple -blue -light brown (when I mean light, I mean VERY light!) -(etc...) There's really allot of colors we can see, too bad it's very limited...
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
    Accepted Answer
    In one of my training sessions at a dog guide school, one of the staff vets had a chart showing how dogs see color. They see red, orange, and yellow as yellow, and a small band in the middle as white, and the rest as blue.
  • joey lastnamejoey lastname Little CanadaPosts: 67Member
    Accepted Answer
    Dogs have the most trouble seeing the colors red and green. Dogs see a more brighter less detailed world than us. That is the reason why many dogs have keen eyesite for example, the Afghan Hound has one of the best eyes of the dog world. For more info go to this website,
  • Sarah GroteSarah Grote San AntonioPosts: 132Member
    Accepted Answer
    I think they can see black, white, and red. I have heard that some dogs can see colors, but i dont htink so!!
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