Ragdoll Cats Book

Lhen DioquinoLhen Dioquino San DiegoPosts: 16Member
hi...does anyone here that knows what kind of ragdoll book tha will help me to take care of my lil guy? please help ! thank you so much !!!!

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvillePosts: 1,975Member
    Accepted Answer
    There are several books on Amazon.com if you just type in "ragdoll cats" but they are low maintenance cats. I don't think you necessarily need a book unless you have never had a cat at all before. You would care for him just like any other cat. Be sure to have a regular vet and get all his vaccines. Neuter him by 5 or 6 months.They don't need much brushing because their hair is medium but they do enjoy it. A good quality kitten food, a litterbox, some toys and a scratching post. Good breeders screen for HCM (cardiomyopathy) but if this poor little guy ended up in a rescue you don't know anything about his parents. So just make sure your vet listens carefully to his heart when they see him. When I first got my Persians, I did read a book and it helped me, but you can find a lot of info in the internet. Google it and read some breeder's pages for free. Many have lots of info about the breed on their sites.
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