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Deogie's new pet ramp for the SUV...he's terrified of it

kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
Deogie's ramp just came in and I was so excited...him not so much. My SUV is fairly raised off the ground so I thought a ramp would be much easier on him to get in and out. Getting into the vehicle after daycare he hesitates about jumping in, he's tired, which I can understand. Jumping out makes me nervous all the time, a lot of weight going on those front legs. The ramp is going to be awesome for him but I need him to know that as well. I have tired laying it on the floor trying to get him used to it, but he will stay in the room and not go anywhere near it. I have tried putting treats on it hoping to get him close to it, but no go he turns his head and ignores it. I have tried walking and sitting on it, to let him know it's safe but no go. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to feel safe and let him know that it's okay. I don't want to rush it or force him to get on it, I would like him to go on with his own free will. I'm stuck on this one. Thanks.

Best Answers

  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    try some diced chicken instead. Real food is more tempting. If he is not real hungry or a food hog like mine it may not work. You can try it. I think in time and practice he will use it. I don't know what they are made of but you can try to use carpet adhesive and buy some of that green astro stuff, they sell it at Lowe's by the foot, it is on one of those rollers. And just measure the ramps and buy enough to do them that way he feels the green astro and not metal or plastic that he may think will make him loose his footing. The adhesive is going to be not easy to get back off if you change your mind :)
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
    Accepted Answer
    Oh, no! What a bummer! I remember getting our family doxie a custom made ramp for the backyard stairs and he hated it. He'd walk right past it looking out the side of his eye at it like it was a Doggie Eating Monster. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. It *could* just be a matter of time before his curiosity gets the better of him or he starts to relax once he realizes it's nothing dangerous. I'd keep sitting near it, with him, and putting something you know he absolutely loves on it, like chicken or whatever you think is a Deogie Delicacy. Aside from that, just having it "around" for a while might just desensitize him to it. It might take a while. I'm remembering when Jack was a puppy and afraid of EVERYTHING it sometimes took him a few days to a week or two to get comfortable with a new object or "thing." Good luck!
  • Sarah LanglySarah Langly N.Posts: 2,475Member
    Accepted Answer
    A friend of mine put a ramp from her back slider to the patio for her Golden, but the golden would not walk up or down the ramp. She would suffer walking up the steps and my friend couldn't understand why. So, after a year or so of this someone suggested that maybe the ramp didn't make her feel safe and maybe it should be wider. Well, that was the ticket. She went out and bought a new piece of plywood and cut it wider and now her golden uses the ramp like a champ. The feeling of falling off of it seemed to be her issue. Maybe it's Deogie's too. I'm guessing your ramp isn't a piece of plywood since you say that it just came in, so I don't know. Maybe just leaving it lying on the floor for a week or two so he has to walk by it and see it every day. Maybe that will help. Good luck.
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
    Accepted Answer
    I know with my labs, going down is the key. For agility work I always pick them up and set them at the top, then CAREFULLY, with lots of high value treats and them on a leash and me supporting so they can't fall off, I gently urge them down. A few times down and they are racing up and down. I am thinking I would put Deogie in the car and set up the ramp, then with lots of chicken or cheese and a leash, gently help him down the ramp. When he gets to the end, have a party!!! I have also found that puppies get it pretty fast but it takes an adult dog three times (for the dog walk, tunnel, or other scary thing). First they must actually be physically guided down, second time also physical guidance, but you will notice less resistance, and third time is a Charm!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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