did everyone get that email tip featuring Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible?

ed lambed lamb Posts: 296Member
I visited several websites featuring her and her book(s) and cannot find a single disclosure about her training in the field of animal behavior. All it says is that she has "owned a number of dogs". Since so many here always tell folks to get a behavioral expert (I assume with CREDENTIALS) I wonder what those of you who give that advice think of this book and author? Or is the ownership of a number of dogs a qualifier for "expert" status as a trainer/behaviorist? That brings to mind, just what ARE the credentials for an expert "Behaviorist" or "Trainer" and how do they differ?

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  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
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    good questions, i guess the only way i would call them an expert is if they have some kind of college degree to back it up or special training. I do like the book the Dog Bible, i own it and often look up breeds in it. but now you really have me thinking to.
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Very good point. I think it is quite possible for a well read, highly experienced dog owner to be an expert with or without any formal training. Tracie Hotchner strikes me as one more food kook. She displays the contempt for science all too common in today's society. Of course, with so many scientists lying to advance some other agenda, science has shot itself in the foot as far as credibility. How about the recent global warming emails? They do make it hard to just any science. As I looked through the material at http://www.traciehotchner.com/db/inside.htm I found it long on hype with little indication she knows anything about dogs. She strikes me as just one more ignorant, average dog owner that only thinks she knows enough about dogs to be worth listening to. I didn't get any email about her. I thank you for alerting people to her scam.
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