12 yr old neighbor who tries to hurt my dogs everyday after school?

I live in Queens NY. Everyday when the kids get out of school this kid always harasses and tries to hurt my two small dogs that run around in my yard. There's a six foot fence. He kicks the fence trying to get at the dogs. Now he has begun to throw things at them and garbage in my yard. I want to follow him home but I'm not sure if that's legal otherwise I have no way in reaching his parents. Who do I contact to file a claim against him or to set him straight. The hours always change from 3-4:30 earlier if it's a half day. Its not fare to my dogs to have to live around this kids schedule. How do I set this kid straight?

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  • Jessica GardnerJessica Gardner Coastal Plain/PiedmontPosts: 2,868Member
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    Talk to the parents of the kid. They'll tell the kid straight.
  •  Posts: 2Member
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    The next time this happens intervene, go out and talk to the kid, I mean he is 12 years old and should have some common sense... Asks his name and where he lives and if this goes on talk to his parents...
  • Joanne JeffersonJoanne Jefferson Posts: 472Member
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    As you've already figured out, following him is likely to cause trouble (for you, not him). And it's quite possible that there isn't even a parent at home for you to talk to if you did. Some suggestions: 1. Contact the school and let them know what has been happening. Tell them that you will call the police on the child if it continues - then follow through. 2. Contact the local animal control department and see if they have any suggestions Young people who hurt animals can go on to hurting people as they get older - I would hope the school would be interested in preventing that, even if they aren't interested in helping you. Good luck!
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    You being outside duriing these times or possibly your dogs inside will ensure your dogs safety and let him know your around. I would try to reason with the kid. Tell him he scares your dogs and would appreciate it if he'd stop. Not knowing his parents or how they have raised him in regards to respecting pets, maybe a friendly conversation may work. If this doesn't work maybe a talk with the parents would help. I would probably try and have proof, take a video if you can. Some parents are more prone to take the word of a child over the word of a stranger. Again not knowing the parents, this may get you no where. Not sure about the following him home, you need to check on that. Phoning the police may be your last option but they may feel this is a complete waste of their time. I know where I live instead of calling 911 you can phone the PS directly, they may be able to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. Best of luck to you.
  • Mary FataMary Fata Oakland Gardens/BaysidePosts: 2,740Member
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    How can I report animal cruelty in New York City? A: To report animal cruelty, contact us at [email protected] or (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450. After business hours, you will be transferred to a voice messaging system and your call will be returned by an on-duty agent.
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    I had the exact same problem when I first moved here! Like you, the times changed. I did call the school district and obtained a school bus schedule (OK, I did fudge the truth a bit to get it). The next day I took a book and hid near my gate. When he came by & picked up a rock I jumped out & loudly said "I see you! Do NOT even think about throwing that or I will let the dogs out!" I'm sure I scared the you-know-what out of him. He stammered out some lame excuse, but I then calmy told him I expected he would no longer bother my animals or I absolutely would tell his parents. He has never done it since. You could follow him discretely to find out his address and then try to get some pics of him in action which you could then mail to the parents, but that could open a whole new can of worms. Confronting him assertively might be a better option. Bullies like to think they are the *big dog* & usually back down when faced with a *bigger dog*. Good luck.
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    If an adult were doing this it could be considered harassment. If it causes the dogs to bark, it could also be considered disturbing the peace. I would talk to the kid; if he continued, I would call the police (non-emergency) - they will talk to the kid AND the parents. In the meantime (or if there is no improvement), I would keep my dogs in the house when he's near. I've had some experience with this sort of thing - it can cause real problems for your dogs in the future if they are subjected to this sort of abuse over time.
  • Rebecca BoydRebecca Boyd BroomfieldPosts: 784Member
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    A few years ago, I saw two boys doing the same thing to a neighbors dog! I went up to them and told them, that by kicking the fence and throwing rocks at the dog it scares the dog. This causes dogs to become mean, and if that dog ever comes across some other little boy, the dog may end up hurting him because of what these two were doing. "How would that make them feel"? I asked, if this dog hurt some kid, because they made him afraid that ALL kids were mean?? These two boys got the picture, and stopped. I saw them after, a number of times, walking by talking sweet to him and giving them some food. ( I told them that people food can be bad, and to talk to the owner before giving him food). Point is, is sometimes if you just talk to them, they get it. Of course, with some, it doesn't mean anything. I would try talking to him, and let him know if you find out he does it again the "authorities" will be contacted. Hopefully, just a talk will get him to think differently.
  • Sam SmithSam Smith Posts: 1,946Member
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    I'd go right up to the kid and talk to him. There was actually one kid, back when I was working with a doggy daycare, that would harass me and the dogs when I was walking them. I told him to stop and he refused. He was the same age as the boy you're dealing with. So I went up to him the next time, whipped out my cell phone and snapped a picture of him. I went to his school office and showed them the photo and explained the situation. They spoke to his parents, after having seen the photo and knowing who it was, and he never did it again. It's harassment and they outright told me that I was within my right, if he continued, to call the police. Heck, I'd even do it just to put a scare into the kid. It's not acceptable that he's doing that. If I could, I'd find out where he lived if all else failed and talk to his parents. I've had a bunch of teenage kids go up to my private fence and start banging on it as they walked by and bang to irritate my dogs. I threatened to set them loose.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    I never leave my dog alone outside. Please try to keep them inside when you can not watch them. This problem will not go away til then. Also record the boy doing this maybe they(The Police or the ASPCA) can find out through some pics who the child belongs to and have a talk with the parents for you. But, really the best way to stop crimes againist our dogs is to keep them inside and walk them on a leash to get excercise. If you are disabled find a dog walker and pay them every day so the dogs can get some well needed exercise. sorry the boy is being mean to them.
  • Bonnie MaruggBonnie Marugg HoustonPosts: 799Member
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    I would try to get a pic or video, I'm sure one of your neighbors know who he is, if not catch the bus driver and ask. Then you can either talk to his folks and explain that if it happens again you will call the cops or skip straight to calling the cops, at the least you should be able to have the cops explain the fines associated with trespassing and littering, better yet animal cruelty or vandalism for damaging the fence. A $500 fine would probably result in the parents keeping better tab on their little hooligan.
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