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How can I get her to stop digging?

She is 3 years old and is EXTREMELY smart. She goes through chicken wire, metal and wooden fencing, She digs indiscriminantly throughout the yard: fence line, middle, sides, corners, by the a/c unit, etc. I have tried sprays, poop in holes, etc. I don't know what else to do. Please help!

Best Answers

  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
    Accepted Answer
    Have you given her a place where she CAN dig? I have a small area framed with boards (like a sandbox), that I loosened the soil in for my digging dogs pleasure. On occasion I will bury some of their toys such as nylabones and tennis balls to encourage them to find their treasures. Surprisingly, they now dig in "their" box and leave the rest of the yard alone. They are not left outside if I am not home, so in the beginning, if I saw them begin to dig somewhere else I would just re-direct them to their box.
  • Theresa HomanTheresa Homan Posts: 646Member
    Accepted Answer
    I made a huge dirt pile for Teddy. He is my worst digger. He loves his dirt pile. He digs in it, and will lay in the hole he dug. When it gets too low from digging, I pile more on top. He loves to sun himself on the top of the pile as well. I have a large area for it though, but if you have a small yard, you could make her a small dig pile. I have read that it is nearly impossible to stop them from this behavior. Be sure she isn't bored too. Intelligent dogs do need more to stimulate their minds. Have workout/playtime regimes for her through out the day/evening. If you work in the mornings, get her a good workout before you leave, another when you come home. Hide things in your yard to keep her occupied looking for them. She will be more likely rest while you are away as opposed to digging out of bordem. Again, it won't stop it, but it may keep her from destroying your yard. Good luck
  • Accepted Answer
    Sounds like she needs more exercise. Is she getting out daily? A bored dog will find ways to stimulate themselves, but usually it's not what we would like them to do! Like others, my dogs have their own spot to dig where i hide things for them to discover. Training new tricks will also help tire her out and stimulate her mind. Good luck.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    you can try flat patio blocks on the ground in front of the fence. Or you can also build her a big sand dog box and bury her toys in it those are handy for the pup who loves to dig.
  • Angie HuserAngie Huser Noblesville, IndianaPosts: 645Member
    Accepted Answer
    It sounds as if you have an incredibly bored dog. It doesn't matter is she is EXTREMELY smart or not...she needs more to her life than a backyard. Smart dogs (and not-so smart dogs) should not be stuck in a backyard all the time. They will end up doing things that you don't want them to do to preoccupy their time. You didn't say that she is in the backyard a lot, but from what you are saying, it sounds like she is a backyard dog. You need to get her out a few times a day and walk the heck out of her. Make the backyard a FUN place to be, and not a place to live most of the time. Play ball in the backyard, or anything that is out of the ordinary. Give her a special place to dog that is only for her. Keep it out of the most common areas where she has been digging at. Bury some toys, and watch her have at it. If you see her starting to dig somewhere else, re-direct her to her special place. You need to engage your dog and not stick them in the yard by themselves.
  • Cassie RCassie R Posts: 7,413Member
    Accepted Answer
    You can try to put big rocks against your fence. No dog should ever be kept in a back yard all the time. Your dog needs to be walked every day. Also, place some dog toys and treats in the back yard for her. The Kong is an amazing toy to keep the dog entertained. Stuff the Kong with food, freeze it, then give it to your dog. Build a sand box for your dog in the back yard. Burry toys and treats in the sand to let her know that the sand box is the place to dig and not under the fence. This will keep her entertained. Please do take her on a long, daily walk. Play fetch with her in your yard, take her inside, take her to the park or the dog park and let her play with the other dogs. You can also plant bushes in the yard, especially where she digs so she will quit escaping. Clip her nails, too. Clipping her nails will stop her from digging. I sure do hope this info of mine works! Good luck with Beta.
  • Carissa GrallCarissa Grall West BloctonPosts: 137Member
    Accepted Answer
    I agree with some of the other answers. Get her a spot where she can dig. For the holes she has already dug place pebbles and tinfoil in one or two layers in the hole and cover it up a a few layers of dirt. If she tries to dig there again the tinfoil and pebbles will discourage her from digging as she shouldn't like the texture. My dogs like to dog near large roots. Once I removed them they stopped digging, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.
  • Nancy MilesNancy Miles Posts: 16Member
    Accepted Answer
    Lay some wire fencing flat on the area where she digs & bury it with a couple inches of dirt or sand. Once she starts digging & her claws hit that, she will stop! Cured my pit mix who could dig halfway to China in a few seconds. Also, don't let her see YOU digging or gardening-it will give her the urge.
  • Cindy SnowCindy Snow San Jose, CaliforniaPosts: 2,251Member
    Accepted Answer
    I completely agree with those advocating channeling that incredible energy into a "dig pile" or dirt mound, something that is real play and exercise, and make sure there's avenues for play and exericse OTHER than digging at the fenceline. To keep her from getting under the fence line you need a "Beta proof" barrier there...I've usually used a layer of gravel and chicken wire that's covered by a thin layer of have an element of surprise if the dog starts digging thinking it's just dirt and then hits the gravel and wire. If that's not secure enough, then the paving stones...WELL SECURED...might work as long as they are big and not easy for Beta to move. There are some plants, like Coleus Canina, who's fragrance repels some dogs/'s not a bad looking plant at all so you might consider putting that along the fence line too.
  • Irene RobertsonIrene Robertson WatervillePosts: 80Member
    Accepted Answer
    In the past i have solved this problem by attaching chicken wire to exsiting fence and bring it out by at least 3 ft. and bury it. when they dig they hit the chicken wire instead of escaping. good luck
  • Ed FarrellEd Farrell New RochellePosts: 65Member
    Accepted Answer
    Some dogs are simply diggers. Digging, however, could be a sign that your dog simply is not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. Up the exercise and mental stimulation. Dog looks like a beagle mix - hope you like long (I mean 3-5 mile) hikes in the woods.
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