What kind of dog will get along well with our great pyrenees? Male or female? And any specific bree

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  • Beka ABeka A Posts: 23Member
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    I'm just gonna make this short and sweet. If you train a dog right, it shouldn't matter what breeds you have. You could have a APBT and a Chihuahua get along great, or you could have a Great Dane and a teacup Chihuahua puppy. All you have to do, is train your dog well, and make sure they have good introductions!!
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    It is always safest to have a male and a female, but of course, there are exceptions for even that. two males will tend to be jealous of you, and two females can be that b word for female dogs!!! As for breed... Pyrs are not a breed I am that familiar with, but my understanding is that they are not social butterflies since they were bred to be alone with the flock. With this in mind, I would be looking for a happy go lucky breed that is not terribly intense... maybe a hound or a sporting breed??? I would probably stay away from herding breeds or other working breeds like shepherds, boxers, rotties, etc. Probably it would be best if your dog could meet the other dog on neutral ground. Good luck!
  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    Several of our Dogsters are Pyr's. Take a stroll and see who else is in their families. Because they are so protective it's important to make a good match.
  • mistery Cablemistery Cable Posts: 57Member
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    First, on the off chance that you live on a farm and your pyrenees is a livestock guardian, DO NOT get a herding breed, they will try to herd the livestock and possibly fight to the death with the herding dog. If your pyrenees is just a pet, reccomend getting a large or XL breed dog, however my lab gets intimidated by dogs bigger than her, but if it lives with your pyrenees from puppyhood, this shoulden't be a problem. It is best to get the opposite gender dogs,because the same gender ofter will fight. Another Pyrnees would be a good choice so they can play together without hurting each other. Or another like-sized dog, I don't reccomend a dog less than 25lb. as pyr. can get rambunctios and accidentally hurt a little dog,I would also suggest getting a dog with the same energy level as yours, so they won't annoy each other when one wants to keep playing, but the other dog is tired. But the bottom line is it all comes down to the individual dogs, every dog is different.


  • Kate NelsonKate Nelson DuluthPosts: 19Member
    First we need to know what gender your Great Pyr is and how old it is and whether or not it is neutered/spayed. When you have 2 dogs you should always have the opposite gender of what your first dog is, so if your dog is a male then get a female, if it's a female then get a male. It doesn't matter what breed it is, it matter on what gender it is, mostly. Hope I helped :)
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