dog wont use weewee pad 8 month old havanese how can i help her to utilise the wee wee pad in rainy

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  • ridgee brownridgee brown Posts: 590Member
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    Does she go outside do to her business usually? if she does it may be hard for her to learn to "go inside the house" which is basically what your asking her to do My two were trained to use the pads and then we switched them over to outside because it was easier to deal with but we still keep som in each room they are in in case they can't wait to come and get us or when the weather is badly like i said if she was potty trained to go outside it may be a little confusing to show her its ok to go "inside" hopefeully you get what i mean :) msg me for any questions :)
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    If she's house trained grab an umbrella and take her outside to do her business. Deogie does his business outside rain, shine or blizzard.
  • Suni BowlingSuni Bowling Posts: 876Member
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    if your dog is housetrained and your trying to get her use to the wee wee pad inside then you are confusing her. She knows that its not the right thing to do to go inside the house. When you have rainy weather, do what doegie suggested stand outside with an umbrella. Jazzy goes outside while its raining and he's 4 months old. Trying to teach your dog to go potty inside is introducing bad habits for later in life
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