I recently lost Faith....How do I help my other dogs cope with their grieving? I am very worried ab

Faith died 01/06/11 and Maggie is taking it very hard...she is disinterested in playing....walks with her head down and tail straight down. Faith taught her so much and they were the best of friends...How can I help her?

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  • Jessica DavisJessica Davis Nashua, NHPosts: 190Member
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    If you know people with other dogs you could set up puppy play dates, which could help. Also you could try to take her into the vet to see if they have any suggestions. Dogs have a grieving process just like humans (but not in the same way.) If Faith and Maggie were really close you could always try to find another pup (with Maggie's help) that could help her in the same way. If you already have more than one dog that may not be a great option for you, but if you wanted another pup then it may work. The only thing is that Maggie (and your other pup(s)) would have to be the ones to make the final choice of a new pup (after, of course you pick out a few that you like.) Sorry about your loss of Faith. I know that losing a dog is very hard.
  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    I'm so sorry for your family. Some dogs shake off a loss, some never do. You can't worry about it too much. Maggie needs time to grieve in her own way. When Candy died, Snickers was so sad he went to his bed and hardly got out for weeks. It did make us sad and worried. We got Pepper and were so busy with "Miss Piddles", we were to busy to be sad, and Snickers was less sad. A sudden loss leaves a big hole in the family. Fill it with love.
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