is the loss of one of our dogs causing our current dog not to eat?

Jessica PageJessica Page St. PaulPosts: 2Member
this passed monday one of our pomeranians mikko passed away tragically. our other pomeranian lexi seems very confused and looks for mikko all the time. since the passing lexi hasnt eaten more than maybe a treat here and there but wont eat her food what so ever. should i be worried that there is a larger problem than lexi just missingher best friend?

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  • Bobi HoyBobi Hoy Posts: 136Member
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    it is possable that she missis mikko, beacause dogs have fellings too! i think that you should go to a vet to have her checked out just to make sure. if nothing is medicly wrong consider getting anouther dog to get lexi's mind off of her old friend. and i might cheer everyone up! lossing a pet can be rought!
  • Cassie RCassie R Posts: 7,413Member
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    I'm sorry to hear about Mikko. Yes, she probably misses Mikko and is depressed. I've heard many stories like this before and some dogs never get over it. Did she eat before Mikko passed away? I've heard the same with dogs who have lost their owners and the dogs would be so depressed. Give Lexi a ton of love. You can also bring another little dog over for Lexi to play with. Lexi is just having a hard time adjusting without her buddy, Mikko.
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
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    yes dogs can miss their friends. One of my boys lost his father. And he would go out and search all over the yard for hours looking for him. This went on for a long time. He did finally adjust to life without his dad, but he was very depressed for awhile. Dogs have more feelings then most people believe they have.
  • mistery Cablemistery Cable Posts: 57Member
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    have you ever read that book, where the red fern grows? when the living dog (anne) refuses to live or go on with her life because the other dog (dan) dies, i really hope your dog dosent die because of it like in the book, but she may be suffering from a broken heart. did she get to see his(sorry not sure if mikko was a he or she but im just gonna go with he) body when he died? if she didnt she may not know hes dead and may still be looking for him. i would still reccomend taking her to the vet though,she may have something random or possibly somthing due to the stress and upset of losing her friend, best of luck to you.
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