What are the advantages of wet dog food?

John VarsJohn Vars MinnetristaPosts: 1,016Member
I have always fed my dogs dry dog food. What are the main reasons to switch to wet?

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  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
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    1. Hydration. Dogs sometimes don't drink enough water with their dry food, which can lead to constipation and bladder stones. If your dog's pee is light yellow or clear, he's drinking plenty, though. 2. Higher protein content. Kibble has to contain carbohydrates in order to form it into pellets. Canned food can contain more meat. (but cheap canned still is mostly grains.) 3. Less preservatives, less chance of spoilage. Dry kibble starts to oxidise as soon as you open the bag, which degrades nutrients and causes the fat to go rancid. Canned you only open what you need for the day, and it doesn't sit around for days or weeks open to oxygen. All these reasons, though, can be mitigated and still feed kibble. Pick a brand with high protein and fat (over 26% protein, over 12% fat) buy small bags so it so doesn't sit around forever, (or invest in airtight storage bins) and put water on the kibble before feeding.
  • Amber MarshallAmber Marshall Posts: 814Member
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    You can feed either. The main incentive to wet food is the moisture. Lots of dogs end up passing because of kidney failure and in many cases lack of water can make things worse. The more you can keep your dog hydrated the better! There is also the argument about more protein but, always remember to read the ingredients!
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