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I need help my girlfriend and I have an apartment that we found and really like. We already got it and it has a backyard big enough for my dog. I have a Mix Pit and that wont allow a mix pit. They allow other dogs but won't allow him. He is a resuce, nutered, an he has all his shots. He has two brothers ones a mini poodle and a beagle and they bully him around. haha. I love my dog so much I cant lose him he is like my son I NEED HELP BIG TIME!!!

Best Answers

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    Sorry, but you'll have to find a place that will allow you to have him. You can try offering additional damage deposit to cover anything, but there is nothing that says they have to let you in. It sucks, but that's life.
  • Cassie RCassie R Posts: 7,413Member
    Accepted Answer
    How about teaching the owner of the apartments more about Pit Bulls and bully breeds and how friendly they really are? Once the owner of the apartments knows more about Pit Bulls then maybe he'll allow them. Here's a great site to check out and teach him about Pit Bulls - ANY dog can bite and attack. It's how your raised and treated, NO dog is born aggressive, NO dog is born to kill. Meet up with the owner of the apartments and talk to him for a while about Pit Bulls. Bring your Pit Bull with you and show him how sweet and friendly your dog is, especially around other people and dogs. Once he hears and sees how Pit Bulls really are, he may just allow Pit Bulls! Teach him about BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), too and how we can say NO to BSL. It usually helps to teach more about how loving this breed really is. If he doesn't change his mind, I recommend moving to another place.
  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Posts: 7,383Member
    Accepted Answer
    Not all landlords have breed bans because they are phobic....many have home insurance policies that simply don't allow it. Find out what the reason is behind it before simply assuming someone needs to be enlightened. If it is simply the landlord's personal policy, see if you can offer an additional deposit, or sign something saying you will work to get the dog his CGC (Canine Good Citizen), and so on. If it's because of his homeowner's insurance, there's not much you can do. I'm kind of surprised that this subject didn't come up BEFORE you got the apartment. As a landlord myself pets are part of the process, and have certain special sections in the lease. It's definitely not an afterthought kind of thing.
  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
    Accepted Answer
    Im betting the reason pits are not allowed is because many insurance policies will not allow pit bulls, or charge astronomical rates for them. It might not be the apartment manager/owner's idea at all, and appealing to them is not going to work. If it was me, I might try to pass him off as another breed, or sneak him in, but then again, I like to live dangerously. :) If you don't want to cheat, you need to find another apartment. It would have been wiser to figure this out before signing your lease and paying your deposit.
  • Patti GrayPatti Gray La Mesa CAPosts: 3Member
    Accepted Answer
    I got a note from my doctor saying he is an medically needed companion dog for anxiety. You 'would' be flipped out to part with him. It can be from a GP even. Check your renters rights for pets in your state. I got my info from: Fair Housing Information Sheet # 6 Right to Emotional Support Animals in "No Pet" Housing. They can not discriminate. If they allow one dog, they should allow him. Google fair housing and your state or city with it. Keep googling things like Campanion Dogs etc. I wish I had the site I found this on but my bookmarks got wiped out. Good luck!!!
  • Brynn BaldwinBrynn Baldwin Posts: 245Member
    Accepted Answer
    That is REDICULOUS! If they allow other dogs I do not see why they should not allow him unless he is destructive or a loud barker or agressive. If you really want to keep him you might be able to talk to your landlord and see why they will not allow HIM, if you live in Delewere Pitbulls are illigal in some parts by the way. See if you can pay extra, you might be able to go to court. Or see if someone can watch him or board him somewhere with good ratings. Good luck, I know how you feel we hid a puppy in our apartment for a while.


  • Monica BrackMonica Brack Posts: 1Member
    There is a legal way that you guys can keep your dog, and the managers, or owners can't do anything about it. If You can show them a doctors note, that explains your mental state, and why your dog helps keep you going, they can't do anything about it, because IT"S THE LAW. It's like a service dog, grocery stores cannot deny access from these dogs, because the law forbids them to do so.
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