My puppy is 10 months. He gets over excited when people he sees people and starts jumping?

Along with nipping/play bitting. I've tried everything,using the "yipe" yell and nothing. I know he's still teething because 4 of his teeth are growing. Will he grow out of it? Is there a way I can correct it now before he reaches adulthood? he's half border collie and half lab retriever.

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  • Riley WilliamsRiley Williams Posts: 7Member
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    :) I have a half border collie half lab, she went through the same thing ! I took her to puppy classes, well she is still currently in them, and they gave me some really good tips for both. Whenever he jumps on you immediately turn around, dont even give him eye contact... repeat repeat repeat. Make sure you let your guests know... even if they say OH I DONT MIND IF HE JUMPS... ladeedah thinking it so cute, still make sure they do not respond to his jumping with attention and immediately turn around. Biting is similar. they dont WANT to hurt you or be a nuisance. When they bite you, yelp or gasp so they know it shocked you and again immediately turn around, walk away.. shut the door between you. ignore the dog for 30-40 seconds and then go back to playing him. again repeat repeat repeat, your pup WILL catch on to the fact that the biting is what is pushing you away, pushing you away is the last thing they want. Your puppy is very smart you just have to find the best way to communicate
  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    No he won't grow out of it. BC's and Labs both are bred to use their mouth to do a job. I don't know if he's a food driven Lab or a toy driven BC, so choose the reward that works for him. I have the training method to teach an alternate to biting on Sonny's diary. Click on his photo to go to his page, then scroll to diary, click on see all entries, then put entries in order, the look for "Day 3..." On Day 3 I taught Sonny a game we called "Eeps and kisses". Use any sticky food Ringo likes to teach the "lick/kiss" command. Keep challenging him by getting him excited, but be ready to either; switch off and ignore him if he nips, OR reward him for licking. Practice 10 times a day. As he learns with you have others try the game with him too.


  • Tanya HallTanya Hall Posts: 3Member
    I'm having the same problem with my dog she is now 1 years old and when I come home from work, or im about to put her harness on to take her out she jumps around out of control, even when she see's family members that she knows, Im not sure what to do, can you help?
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