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Your opinion on BEWARE OF DOG signs?

I have been told that in some areas where there may or may not be BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) you are required to have a Beware of dog sign. I think this is stupid, because then when people see them, most people assume it is dangerous, which worsens peoples' perception of what pitties are truly like. Do you think this is fair?

Best Answers

  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
    Accepted Answer
    I think people ignore those signs anyway, because most of the time when you see one the homeowner is bluffing. I see them on tons of houses that don't even have dogs. It's to deter break-ins and vandalism, but I don't think it works because thieves can tell if you have an actual guard dog or not. So while I'm against BSL in general, having to put up a sign is the least of my concerns about it.
  • gary bergerongary bergeron VendorPosts: 62Member
    Accepted Answer
    NEVER!!! put a ["Beware of Dog"]sign up.If your dog ever bites someone,even in a fenced yard,they can actually sue you for already claiming your dog is BAD.This really happened.Use only ["SECURITY DOG on PROPERTY"]/["Guard Dog on Duty"]Don't take the chance that some lawyer will claim that your dog was bad or uncontrollable,rather than doing a job he /her was TRAINED to do,PROTECT YOU and your PROPERTY.Hope this helps.Beware of what?Make sure they know,and are aware of what's going to happen. Bye the way,don't let my pet author fool you.She'll attack faster than the German Shepherds.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    I don't think it's really fair to have to put one up just because you own X breed, but personally I'd have one up for any dog as long as I lived in an area where the law is in favor of it. (Except maybe a small breed that does not act like a guard dog at all.) In some areas the law recognizes the sign as an admission that your dog is aggressive--which is kinda dumb. In other areas, it'll protect you from a lawsuit in the event that someone DOES go onto your property and get bitten. I think that "Beware of Dog", or similar, signs can be a good thing. It can be a deterrent for people with less than stellar intentions. Also guests visiting your house know that you have a dog, so they can ask you to put him up if they visit. Some people are simply not comfortable with dogs, any type. (And the ones that are just afraid of certain breeds, yeah, that does bug me, but I respect their feelings.) Would getting a different sort of sign like "Dog on Guard" or "Dog Lives Here" work instead? I've seen some pretty funny variations of "beware of dog" signs recently. Apparently you can even buy a custom sign where you can place a nice photo of the dog and put whatever text you want on it. (Don't ask me where, got this from a discussion on another site.)
  • Stacy StottStacy Stott Posts: 172Member
    Accepted Answer
    There is a case pending in my area right now in which a little girl was severely injured by three dogs that were in a fenced in yard with a "Beware of Dog" sign (and "No Trespassing" sings). She was let into the fenced in area by another (allegedly) child that lived in the house. The three dogs attacked her and were euthanized. The owners are being charged with having dangerous animals. One of the prosecutions big arguments is that they had signs telling people to beware and that meant that they knew their dogs were dangerous. This little girl was not old enough to read the signs are least not old enough to comprehend what they meant. Now, the defense is not arguing that the dogs were not dangerous, only that the 6 year old trespassed. I would never put up a "Beware of Dog" sign because to me, it is warning people about your dog. If you have to warn someone about something, it is dangerous.
  • Cassie RCassie R Posts: 7,413Member
    Accepted Answer
    That is NOT true at all. You aren't "required" to put up a 'Beware of dog' sign. It's NOT the law that you have to put a 'Beware of dog' sign anywhere. Where did you hear this at? No, you can not get in more trouble for putting up a 'Beware of dog' sign up on your fence. It's your property. Let's say a kid jumps your fence or enters your fence with out permission, they'll end up loosing the lawsuit because that's your property, not there's and they came uninvited. People want to make you believe some laws when they're really not true.
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
    Accepted Answer
    I hve also heard that you do not want to put up a beware of the dog sign as someone said you are saying the dog can be dangerous. It is best to put up a dog on property or something like that to let people know there is a dog there without saying the dog can be dangerous. As far as that being a law. It could be a local law in your area, so you may want to check it out. But it is not a national thing.
  • Jess DalyJess Daly Hunter ValleyPosts: 793Member
    Accepted Answer
    Depending on where you live it can be illegal to have any dog without a "beware of the dog" sign on any property entrance. We have them on our gates so as if there are meter readers about, they know. The one on the front door is because he likes to sleep behind it & barks really fiercely if woken up in a hurry :) If you have kids in your area that may go in your yard to retrieve a ball, It'd be a good idea in case. We have a good one reading "Border Collie On Watch" on our main gate. Find one that's friendlier sounding or slightly funny.
  • Liz MichaelsLiz Michaels Posts: 1Member
    Accepted Answer
    I believe that the larger the dog, the smaller the sign should be - If you own a Mastiff, then you shouldn't have a sign, if you have a German Shepherd then you should have a sign that just has the profile image of a German Shepherd on it - Or if you have a Shih Tzu, like I do, then you should skip all those signs and put up a sticker from one of those home security systems companies ( ), like ADT or something.
  • Vivian FerrellVivian Ferrell LincolnPosts: 118Member
    Accepted Answer
    When most people see them they usually think you just want to make you pooch sound dangerous
    Accepted Answer
    I was a CLEET certified law enforcement officer (Reserve) for over 6 years, here in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahmoa law at that time, was quite clear: The ONLY way a sign protected the homeowner was if, IF it was posted on a "Privacy type Fence". Chain link fences did not apply because a small child or person could push their hand(s) through the opening of that type of fence. In Oklahoma, as long as you allow the Public access to your door, you have a legal responsibility to protect them while they are on your property. A sign makes you more liable. As far as Pit Bulls are concerned: An Insurance company has NO agenda other than money. They list the top 10 breeds they pay out the most money on claims. They are NOT "breed predjudice". Leading the list is the Pit Bull, period. Insurance companies do not care about opinions, stories, good or bad owners. Their ONLY agenda is MONEY. So they will be honest in their assesments. Sorry about that Pit Bull owners. Your dogs bite more.
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