How do I deal with the death of my dog?

Janine KahnJanine Kahn Manila/San FranciscoPosts: 50Member
I just really need advice on how to deal with this. This is my first dog, and the only pet I have. I've had him since I was 4 years old. He's 14 now. We went to the vet and found out he has jaundice and they said there wasn't much we can do about it except let him move on. I really love this dog so much and I've been an emotional wreck for days. He's scheduled for this Monday to be put to sleep.

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    It is never easy to let your best friend go. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing. We had to put our Golden down 7 years ago. Even as I type this, I'm getting a little chocked up. It would be better to not let him suffer any longer than he has to. Quality of life is very important. There really isn't any easy way, or fast way to deal/get over it. When we let our Golden go, we scheduled him on a Friday after work. We at least had the weekend to cry. We were still upset for weeks, but at least we didn't have to go to work right after. When a couple of months went by, we realized how much we missed having 2 dogs, we had Jax at the same time that we had our Golden. We started looking for another dog. It only took one week and we found Kali and fell in love with her. Otis will always have a special part of your heart and no other dog will ever take his place. Know that you will always have room in your heart for another. It will just take some time. Best wishes. Jax
  •  Posts: 29Member
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    I know its hard to say good bye but knowing he won't be hurting, will make it easyer. Make sure you have lots of friends and family around to talk to, because they aren't our pet they are our baby's. But either way it will be hard, remember all the good times you had together. I have had my baby 6 years and am already worried about saying good bye. But we only get to have them a short time, then we have to let them go. Just always know he will be happy up in doggie haven with tons of new friends and all you can eat treats , and no matter what he will always be with you in spirit. I hope it helps to know I will be pray for you to have comfort on monday
  • mistery Cablemistery Cable Posts: 57Member
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    im so sorry, i currently have an old dog and while we hope and expect to have another 4-5 years with her (and i really pray we do), i have lost a few dogs and cats in the past, there was a samoyed that died when i was five, but i didnt really understand it then; there was also my chihuahua i had for 7months was hit by a car 5 1/2 years ago and that hit me pretty hard but im more or less over him, and the most recent one, my cat of 9 yrs. that died 5mo. ago that im still really upset over. all of those hurt,but the main thing to do is,dont mourn their death,celebrate their life,even when i was completly broken up about losing my pets i could look back and laugh through my tears at all the great times we shared and say even though i wish it didnt end this way, it was worth having them. also to keep my from having a panic attack about never seeing them again i just say that they had to go home, i'll be heading there someday, and they are gone for now, but theyll never really die.
  • K VincentK Vincent HalifaxPosts: 31Member
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    This is the hardest thing to cope with. On the 20th of September i lose my furry kid Worf. he too is 14. I am trying to tell myself i am doing the right thing by him. He can't see, can't hear, has dementia now. He has no quality of a good life. It is killing me inside to have to send him the Bridge. But i just can not keep him around and allow his suffering to ease my pain. As watching him become the fur kid i no longer know is equally hard. All i know is that the pain never goes away. It just gets bearable. He lives in you now. In your heart, your mind, your soul. Here is a poem i find myself reading over and over: You're giving me a special gift, So sorrowfully endowed, And through these last few cherished days, Your courage makes me proud. But really, love is knowing When your best friend is in pain, And understanding earthly acts Will only be in vain. So looking deep into your eyes, Beyond, into your soul, I see in you the magic, that will Once more make me whole. The strength that you possess, Is why I look to you today, To do this thing that must be done, For it's the only way. That strength is why I've followed you, And chose you as my friend, And why I've loved you all these years... My partner 'til the end. Please, understand just what this gift, You're giving, means to me, It gives me back the strength I've lost, And all my dignity. You take a stand on my behalf, For that is what friends do. And know that what you do is right, For I believe it too. So one last time, I breathe your scent, And through your hand I feel, The courage that's within you, To now grant me this appeal. Cut the leash that holds me here, Dear friend, and let me run, Once more a strong and steady dog, My pain and struggle done. And don't despair my passing, For I won't be far away, Forever here, within your heart, And memory I'll stay. I'll be there watching over you, Your ever faithful friend, And in your memories I'll run, ...a young dog once again.
  • dace krastsdace krasts SeattlePosts: 735Member
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    Wonderful answers thus far! It is true, it is emotionally and mentally painful. Itʻs been so beautiful, thatʻs why itʻs so painful when the time comes to pass. You both are brave and strong for this. You probably speak with Otis on some level, right? Mentally and emotionally you make that connection, youʻve made that connection for many years. Speak with him through this entire process. Share with him genuinely. He will respond with beauty. Prepare yourself to let go. Work through this with him as your partner so that he is free to let go and cross over with no worries or concerns over you. Once he passes, allow yourself the grieving. Donʻt hide it or numb yourself to it. Honor Otisʻ passing, your relationship with him, the situation. And consider a ceremony at some point. What feels right. Also: You may want a close friend/companion to escort you to the vet on Monday (even if they can only manage driving). And remember that there are pet loss support groups out there!
  • Billy ColeBilly Cole Hickory, NCPosts: 1Member
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    I am 71 years old, and buried many dogs. It aint easy and I always hurt for a long time before getting another. Baby was the last one I buried 5 years ago and I miss her. But after burring Baby I got another dog (rescue)Molly and she helps me get over Baby. Do not wait and say "I will never get another" Molly is a fine companion and I love her. you can follow us on Facebook / billyecole.
  • sheila marshallsheila marshall Posts: 155Member
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    So sorry about your lovely dog, it is not easy saying goodbye. You have to think of him, you would not like to see him in pain. I have had 4 dogs put to sleep over the years, my last one only 3 months ago. I have had 3 dogs reach 15, 15.1/2. one dog only 9 a rescue dog she had cancer and went down hill very quickly we lost her last year 3 months after diagnosis. We all feel your pain here.
  • Annabelle HavlicekAnnabelle Havlicek Walker's Point in MilwaukeePosts: 1Member
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    As hard as it may be, make sure you go with Otis on this most difficult journey. Euthanasia is a two-step process (usually). The first shot will put him in a deep sleep, the second will stop his heart. You should hold him in your arms and say your last good bye. It will be easier for him, and you, if you complete this last journey. Then take your time and remember the good years you had together. You will know when it's time to get another dog. As a good dog owner, Otis would want you to eventually be a good dog owner to another deserving dog who needs a good owner. I hope I've helped you. I recently had to put my Rottweiler down, who was 10. His back legs gave out and could no longer walk. On Mother's Day he gave me "the look" saying, "it was time for him to go" and he was counting on me to help him with that final journey.
  • Vivian FerrellVivian Ferrell LincolnPosts: 118Member
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    I had to put down my 6 year old doberman i know it is hard but it helps to get anther dog to take your mind off him
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