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Chelsey HastieChelsey Hastie MerrimackPosts: 1Member
I recently recieved an e-mail from Dogster to "take the pledge" to not buy pet store dogs, that they were born in puppy mills. My question is, don't they deserve love and affection too? It is not their fault where or how they were born, and if they aren't sold they'll be put down. I understand that shelter dogs and rescue dogs need love, and they need to be saved but don't pet store dogs deserve it too? In a pet store, the dogs are kept in tiny cages, they aren't taken outside, and they recieve very little love. In a shelter or humane society they are kept in large cages, they are let outside, they are taken for walks, and the people working with them give them extra love and attention because of their situations; where as some pet store dogs will NEVER feel that amount of attention because they will be put down. I am not saying that pet stores are the way to go for everyone, all I'm saying is that before you take a pledge to "say no" really think about what your saying no to.

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  • Rhayden PhoenixRhayden Phoenix LevittownPosts: 335Member
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    not all shelters are the same the shelter around me have a 80 % mortality rate very sad they don't walk them they don't do anything if a dog comes in no rabies shot they are put down if they come in they wait 3 days 3 DAYS if no owner they are put down this is strays, if it come in serendered then it has 5 days I think they said and then put down it is a sad sad thing but you can't save all there is too many. They said not to buy from the puppy mills because you are fueling the fire if no one bought from pet shops then they would go out of business it is true they need all you can give them but why keep the puppy mills in service. look at the link please and see if you want these sorts to continue see if you think maybe it would best not to buy from a pet store read what happenes BEFORE THEY GET TO YOU and be bought. Rhayden
  • Barbara SchneiderBarbara Schneider Posts: 212Member
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    The reason the pledge wants people to stop buying is based in economics not emotion. It is all based in supply and demand. As long as people continue to buy animals from pet stores then the pet stores will continue to sell them. If no one buys them then no one will sell them, then the puppy mill breeders will be put out of business for lack of customers. Yes all animals deserve loving homes, but buying from pet stores only keeps the puppy mills in business.
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    The reason we ask people to refuse to buy pet store puppies is to stop the pet stores and puppy mills from mass producing animals and selling them with low to no quality in the breeding. If nobody purchased a dog from a pet store ever again they would not have business and would stop selling dogs. Yes this would take time and yes there will still be those who walk up and say oh but i feel so bad for that puppy. If you feel bad for a puppy in a pet store that came from a puppy mill then call your local state licensing agency, in states such as New York all people (and stores) that sell animals need to have a license to do so. My inspector has shut down entire pet stores because the animals they were selling were below quality and unhealthy. What happens to those animals??? they either go to a shelter or foster family in most cases, animals can be taken from these places. It is sad to leave these poor helpless creatures in these stores but if we keep buying they will keep selling.
  • Joanne PapeJoanne Pape Duluth, GAPosts: 119Member
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    I agree all critters deserve love and affection. I'd like you to consider one additional point. Genetic health disorders tend to surface after 2 yrs. Even well bred pups can have health issues so it's best to buy a pup from a reputable, responsible breeder who stands by their bloodline. Buying from a third party increases the odds that a breeder would never know what health issues they're perpetuating. With the economy as it is families can't afford vet bill so shelters and rescue groups are carrying the burden. I think pet shops promote impulse buys. If a new pet addition is planned then it's more likely to have a forever loving home.
  • S-W- HoustonS-W- Houston HoustonPosts: 272Member
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    We have a situation here, where... "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one". It's SO hard to say no, to all those cute little puppies in the Pet Stores. Yes, they deserve a chance to live out a life, in a Furever loving home. But, one should "put his foot down" at some point, and that is done quite effectively, when it hits those Breeders in their pocketbooks. The annals of Pet Store Purchases, are replete with dogs which have emotional and medical problems, mainly because of improper Breeding, by unqualified and unconcerned Breeders. Those High Volume Breeders, are in for the money, and ONLY the money. IF we as a unified movement, can slow or stop the purchases from Pet Stores, THAT'S what will count, because if there's no profit, they have to reduce volume, then more, and more, and just maybe at some point, it will stop. The unfortunate point about this is... You got to start somewhere, and that's now. So, take the Pledge, it WILL work.
  • Jennifer CaldwellJennifer Caldwell Posts: 1,686Member
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    Spooky, I've heard your line of reasoning before . . . from people who work at puppy stores. Think about this: 1. Buying ONE puppy, at any price, proves to the store owner that their product sells, AND gives them funds to buy another (or 5, or 10) to take that one's place. 2. Buying that puppy proves to the mill owner that puppies from its mom are profitable, so they breed her again, and again, and again . . . 3. Not all unsold puppies are put down. Some are dumped at shelters, adding to the shelter problem. 4. Not all shelters have the resources to do what you claim. Give THEM your money instead, so they can. 5. Our local puppy store claims they earn $30,000 PER MONTH. Based on their inventory, they are not putting down many, if any. No matter your "reasons," giving ANY money to the pet store shows you SUPPORT the tiny cages, the lack of love. And if you buy from them, YOU MUST WANT IT TO CONTINUE, you chose to invest in them when you have other options.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Thing is, by buying pet store puppies you are SUPPORTING the puppy mills, giving them a REASON to STAY IN BUSINESS. Which can only make more animals suffer. If enough people were to boycott petstores, it'd be a big help. (Caps simply for emphasis. Wish they'd let us use bold letters here.)
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