German shepherd health and coat question.

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Hi my name is cody we just got new gsd and his father and grandmother on dads side are both white gsd's. He is black and tan but my concern is that I have herard white gsd's are generally not accepted and have more serious health risks. And I am wondering if tbere can be any problems with jim due to genetcs from dad and grandma? Thanks for any help and info.

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    Relax. White gsds are not prone to more serious health risks than other colours. Your pup is not white. White is considered a fault in the AKC, but the FCI & UKC do recognize whites as a separate breed, more commonly called the Berger Blanc Swiss. Basically, the gene for white is in the dna of all gsds, but both parents must carry the recessive to produce a white. There are no associated problems with the gene for colour. All gsds have the potential for hip dysplasia, DM, malabsortion syndrome, EPI, plus bloat. Congrats on your new pup. Enrol in a puppy class as soon as he is up to date on all his shots. Socialize him extensively, & use firm, consistent, positive training. In a couple of years you will be rewarded with a great dog.
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    Every dog is different, and for the most part his genetics wont matter that much as to his health. If he starts having health risks later in his life, but is healthy now, it probably isn't his genetics. Hip dysplasia, for instance, is common in big breeds, and has nothing to do with a dogs genetics.
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