I'm moving 1300 miles with my 6 month English Bulldog. Any suggestions to make it easier on him.

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  • Lydia GreenLydia Green MemphisPosts: 83Member
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    Are you flying with him? If so, make sure whatever you transport him in is airline approved. If you're driving, I suggest a well-fitting seatbelt harness or a Ruff Tough Kennel. Get all vaccinations and records ready to go well in advance, and have copies made just in case. Give him a blanket you've slept with that has your scent on it, to help soothe him. Practice getting him into his kennel and make it a very positive thing! (i.e. - he gets a very special treat/toy when he's in that kennel, and that is the only time he gets it. Keep it very positive!) During travel, I would recommend a "ThunderShirt" (purchase at Petsmart or online). They're made to help calm anxiety in dogs. I would also recommend a DAP collar, or spraying his harness/kennel with DAP spray. (Dog Appeasing Pheramone; you can purchase it at Petsmart also). It helps to soothe pups from stress as well! If your dog has anxiety, you can talk to your vet about appropriate tranquelizers for travel,etc. Good luck!
  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
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    With this breed, heat stress is a real concern in travel. All flat-faced breeds have trouble keeping cool because they can't pant as efficiently. Bulldogs have died in transport many times! Be extra, extra careful of the temperature in the car at all times, and don't walk him too much on breaks if it's hot out. DON'T sedate him. Sedated dogs have even more trouble with thermoregulation. Another thing about cross-country travel with dogs to be sure of is proper ID- make sure his collar tags have up-to-date info, a cell number is better than a house number. Microchips can save lives too. I've read many stories of dogs going missing in travel far from home and the heartbroken owners had to keep going. Get him used to riding in the car before you go- you don't want this to be his first vehicle experience! Go to the park, friends houses, or just around the neighborhood until he's comfortable with it. Good luck, with proper prep everything will be fine!
  • Wendy WangWendy Wang Posts: 43Member
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    Like Bruno mentioned, many airlines do not allow brachycephalic dogs to fly during the summer. Some airlines do not let them fly PERIOD. You can look into http://www.petairways.com They flew my 209lbs Alaskan Malamute from Florida to California and he did fine. Which was wonderful because he's usually carsick. Call the airline if you are flying, some do not let the dog exceed 50lbs, some 100lbs. If you are flying him in cargo, you need to call the cargo service that the airline has. I flew American Airlines many times with my other dog (12lbs), and he was booked through cargo and not reservations. If you fly them in-cabin, give him some children's Benedryl to soothe him and make him sleepy. It's not a big deal and your vet should clear it. The best you can do is be prepared since you know your dog best. If my often carsick dogs can make 3000mile trips, hopefully your Bully will be okay too!
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