hi! friends, what to be consider before having A siberian husky dog... thanx your answer will be app

Bhavik vyasBhavik vyas MumbaiPosts: 7Member
means , what important thing which is to keep in mind before having siberian husky????

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  • Chip ReiberChip Reiber Posts: 4Member
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    Be ready to change your way of life around getting the dog exercise. Dog proof your whole house. If it is a pup, put away all pillows for a few months. Make sure the fence has concrete around the base so the dog can't dig out and the fence needs to be atleast 6 feet. Get a Kong dog toy, a harness and something for the dog to pull you on and you are ready to bring home your best friend. Huskies are awesome dogs, they are so pretty, smart and interesting. You can do some extreme activities with them and learn a lot about yourself. My husky is truly my best friend but she is a ton of work! You have to be ready and understand this is a really tough breed to train unless you work them in harness.
  • H-Renee BealsH-Renee Beals Posts: 8,426Member
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    What to consider? These are the questions to ask yourself.. 1) Do I have the time 2) Do I have the equipment 3) Do I have the patience Time: Huskies require a LOT of exercise. A LOT! Not only that, they are pack dogs. If they don't have others around, they will get bored and destructive. This is not the type of dog for someone who works long hours away from the house. Equipment: Huskies blow their coats twice a year. Not to mention the every day brushing that is required. You need to have the right brushes for the job. You also need to look into getting a strong leash and collar or harness. Huskies love to run, and should NEVER be let off their leashes. Patience: Huskies are like a toddler. They WILL get into trouble. And even a trained husky will act like a child. They are stubborn and hard headed. And most are talkers. If you don't want barking and singing in the middle of the night, they are not for you. But, they are the most lovable pups ever. Be prepared for love and kisses.
  • Patti DevriesPatti Devries Posts: 1,374Member
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    One thought is if you have babies or young children. Huskies are strong and playful. My son was two when we got a husky puppy and she terrified him with her happy leaping. They can also be somewhat strong willed. Ours proved difficult to train and blossomed to about 50 pounds plus at only a few months old. We rehomed her to my brother where she lived a long life passing on at sixteen years old. My brother is a big guy and loved that dog. In her time with him she dug a 6 ft deep circle trench around where she was tied in the yard. She also regularly leaped their cyclone fence. Also consider the weather by you. If you have mega hot summers you'll have an uncomfortable dawg, not to mention clouds of fur through the house-they definitely shed.
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