my German shepherd is about 12-13 weeks old im not sure exactly how much to feed her please answer e

a few people have told me she is pretty small and alittle worried that she is not being fed enough this is the most resent picture of her on 9/4/2012 please let me know everyone i would like to know youre thoughts

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    She looks perfect...and adorable, by the way. Follow the feeding guidelines on the bag of food you use. Just like there is an obesity epidemic with people, many feed their dogs too much also. You should be able to see a *waist when you look at her from the top. You should be able to feel her ribs when you run your hands firmly down her sides. My guy is in tiptop shape..yet so many people call him skinny or make rude remarks like "feed that dog a cheeseburger" People need to mind their own business..if they want fat dogs of their own..with the added risks of diabetes & joint issues, fine..but stick up for what you know is right. As a side note.. my guy was fed orijen large breed puppy formula & got about 4-5 cups/day split into 4 small meals. Now that he is just over 3, he eats Acana & gets about 3 cups/day split into 2 meals.
  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
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    you know what, if she has a clean bill of health from your vet, and she's eating well (good quality food, good appetite) I'm sure she's fine, even if she's small now. Not all dogs within the same breed grow at the same rate. Slow, even growth is much healthier than rapid spurts of growth- slow growing puppies will seem smaller, but end up the same size as their overfed fast-growing brethren, with fewer bone/joint problems. Also, some people seem to think puppies should be roly-poly little balls of lard! A thin pup is nothing to be ashamed of, it's healthier in the long run.
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