my 4 month old german shepherd will not listen she is a good dog but does not like to listen and see

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  • Ryan AnelloRyan Anello FloridaPosts: 5Member
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    well im not sure but i have to say your dog is very beautiful :)
  • Carolyn EllisCarolyn Ellis Posts: 18Member
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    I don't think the problem is she doesn't like to listen. i think the problem is she doesn't fully understand what you want, nor that you are actually telling her to do something. Perhaps work more consistently (5 min a day or three times a week) with her basic obedience. LOTS of positive reinforcement, don't get stressed out. Remember, it's a little like adopting a foreign child. They don't speak your language or understand your culture and dogs (even the very smart ones) only have the capability of young children. They are trying to learn the language and we have to be kind and patient.


  • pooh bearpooh bear Posts: 43Member
    I agree with Mocha. Start simple. "Sit" is about the easiest, and most utilitarian behavior. If you reward her every time she sits-even when she does it on her own as a matter of course-and then start to add the command, it won't take long for her to realize that "sit" makes you happier than winning the lottery, and it will lead her to eventually understand that other behaviors make you happy, too, and she'll want to do them all the time! Dogs are the only creatures on the planet that put pleasing us over all other things. Also, a smart dog like a GSD learns the rhythm of the household rather quickly. If you want to see what YOU'RE doing wrong, just watch your dog's behavior! Remember, they are almost always doing what THEY THINK we want them to do...we just don't always send a very clear signal of exactly what that is! Plus, GSD's don't "grow up" until about 24 months or so.
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