Moving in June from Utah to Missouri with 3 cats, it's a 20 hr car ride. What's the best way to do t

Jade WittJade Witt Posts: 13Member
We will also be taking our 2 dogs. We plan to start about halfway through and stay at a hotel. So I have Hartley who hates car rides, he howls the whole time, he also hates the dogs. He and Little Man are really close so I thought I might put them in a large carrier together and that might help keep him calm. Psy will be by herself. I was wondering if the calming collars and calming spray would help keep them all calm. Also how big do the carriers need to be. I know they should have a small litter pan, but should the food and water be available at all times or just offered periodically. Because it will be summer any advice on how to keep them hydrated would be great, just in case they're to stressed to drink much. I know this will be a pain but I can't leave my babies.

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  • Ellen LasarkoEllen Lasarko Posts: 434Member
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    I would get a medium sized dog crate (with solid sides) and use that for Hartley and Little Man, this way you can fit a litter pan but they still have room to move away from each other if they need to, this is what I did with my boys when we moved and it worked out very well. I would use that larger cat carrier for Psy, it should also have a small litter pan in it. If the dogs are going to be loose in the car you will probably want to cover the carrier/crate with a sheet so they cannot see the dogs (since you mentioned Hartley does not like them). As for water, I kept a small bowl that attached to the door of the crate available to my cats when I moved because I did not want them to get to hot, I also had a battery powered fan that I could turn on to give them some cooler air at certain points (during the heat of the day). I did cover my cats carriers and spray the cover with the calming spray, it seemed to help. I tried the collars but my boys hated them (they are not used to collars)
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