My 17 Chihuahua has a heart murmur which turned into congestive heart failure, could surgery save he

I was told a year ago about the Murmur, then in nov she went down hill they told me she would be OK and surgery was not an option for her murmur, I made it clear money no object, but they sayed she would live at least a couple more years with the CHF by the end of the same month her belly kept swelling and the doctor told me she needed to be put down, I refused, they drained her belly again but by the time I got her home 20 minutes later she was swollen and in so much pain. I found a vet to come to the house and put her down in my arms looking into each others eyes! My crying made her shake? Now I want to know all the truth, if surgery was done on her murmur could she had been saved before the CHF set in? I have other dogs!

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  • Candyce OrchardCandyce Orchard ChristchurchPosts: 46,297Member
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    17 years of life is a wonderful span of life for a dog. You are so lucky to have had 17yrs free of any real health problems with your dog. I think the question you should be asking yourself (money aside) is: if I had all the money in the world that could have saved my dog, would my dog have had quality of life should they have lived? If I had the power of God all my treasured, precious furbabies would be forever with me. However, I fully acknowledge the mortality of all life, the fact that all living in this existence must pass through the doorway of this existence into the next at their appointed time for each species. We are all mortal beings. My husband couldn't bear to be parted from his best furiend that had liver cancer and prolonged the agony of his parting from this world by veterinary means purely for his selfish needs. :(:( The saying "animals suffer in silence" is very true of dogs, just how much do we want our dogs to suffer in silence for our own satisfaction?
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