Vet recommends anal gland removal - Can switching food help persistant anal gland infections?

About a month ago, Peppers started scooting and nibbling at her butt. The vet said she did have full anal glands with an infection. He cleared them out and gave us antibiotics. Three weeks later, we brought her in for a recheck, and they did the anal infusion (antibiotics inside the glands) and gave us another course of antibiotics. Now, two weeks later, she still has an infection in her anal glands, and the vet said we should consider having them removed. This past month is the only issue she's had, she's only a year old. In November, we had switched her from Puppy Fromm to Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach based on the vet's recommendation, to help with possible allergies, which turned out to be seasonal. I'm thinking of trying a switch to Wellness Core, has anyone had any experience with this brand and having it help this issue? We just started to give her pumpkin today too. Surgery scares me a lot and seems like a last resort to me, has anyone had success with it??

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  • Reagan thrashReagan thrash Posts: 476Member
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    Fromm is a very high quality food and pro plan is low quality so I think a food change can help. If ur concerned about allergies u can try California naturals grain free it has all kinds of proteins including fish and venison which r good for allergies. Feeding a raw diet can also solve anal gland issues because of the bone and there is a raw forum on this site.
  • Sheena HendersonSheena Henderson Posts: 1,181Member
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    The pumpkin may help. Even adding some additional fiber to her food to soften the stool will help the anal glands empty when she poops. You can sprinkle basic psyllium fiber into her food, but ask you vet how much for her weight.
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    Food is not going to solve an anal gland problem. Unfortunately, you did not catch the situation before they became over-full and infected. This is probably from the breeding (or in-breeding) since your dog is only a pup, so I would call the breeder, report the problem, and see if they will help you pay for some of the surgery. If this is going to be a persistent problem, it will hurt her whenever she poops, and she could end up with a leaky, stinky butt for life. Pumpkin soothes the stomach, but softer stools may help a little... but will not SOLVE the problem. Going high protein like Core might actually become painful for your dog with hard poops unless it's from the can. Get the dog spayed at the same time as the anal surgery so that she only has to be in the hospital once, and get a second opinion from another vet... who will definitely tell you that problems in a dog this young cannot be solved by diet, and that you should not breed her to spare any offspring from the same pain.


  • Rajgopal IyerRajgopal Iyer Posts: 5Member
    Anal glands getting obstructed and thus painful are an all too common occurrence in dogs and cats sometimes. Ask your vet to try and express out the secretions and see if that can help release some of the pressure. I recommend AnalGlandz which is a wonderful product for this particular problem. You can read more about it at in the skin and coat section of the website.
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