Has anyone had a similar problem with their dog pulling on walks and found a solution?

I've tried everything I could find to get my dog to stop pulling on walks. I had him in obedience classes as soon as he was old enough and he only got worse over time with their tips (stopping when he pulls or taking a step back). He just constantly pulls throughout the walk and lunges at leaves, other dogs, cats, people and a hundred other things. He completely ignores treats and corrections. Exercise beforehand doesn't make a difference. I've tried a regular collar, a martingale, a Halti and a slip chain. He acts the same on all of them. I don't want to hear from anyone that's just going to judge me for any of those choices. I would never do anything to hurt my dog and always get advice from a trainer before trying anything. I just need some new ideas here. No matter what collar or harness I use, my dog is going to end up hurting himself with the constant pulling and lunging.


  • Sean KleinSean Klein Posts: 4Member
    I used a pinch Collar to reign in a golden I was reforming. the harder she pulled the more it pinched. Worked when it was on but she went right back to pulling as soon as we switched to a normal collar. What did work was stopping making her sit for a few minutes each time she did it. It took a while but now she is walking without all the drama.
  • Laurie HenleyLaurie Henley Posts: 1Member
    Is your dog obedient otherwise, and walk well on the leash in the house? If not, then I think your problem is a little deeper, your dog doesn't respect you. If so, like with my dog, walks are SO exciting she moved beyond rational thought. Unfortunately it just takes TONS of time, patience and consistency. I realized that I wasnt consistent, I would try the stopping method a few times but then just get frustrated and let her go. But I decided to try again. She lunged, I would stand and wait for her to come back and sit by me, I say ok, we would try another step. EVERY TIME she lunged. In the 20 min of her usual walk, we might only get 10 steps. Once we could go several steps calmly and I could see her preparing to lunge, I would turn around and walk the other way, until she caught up, tried to take the lead, then I turned again. We'd make big loops. Took several weeks for her to crack. Only go for short walks while youre working on this, and find alternatives (if feasible) to exercise.
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