My daughter's dog, passed recently. This was her baby and I'm trying to find a really special gift

Deb MeyerDeb Meyer BlandonPosts: 2Member

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  • Anya LetsonAnya Letson Posts: 611Member
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    What about a pet portrait or having jewelry made from one of the dog's tags?
  • Tera HambyTera Hamby Posts: 86Member
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    Pampered Paw Gifts. com has some very nice jewelry and gifts that would be perfect for her.
  • Carlyn JeffersonCarlyn Jefferson Posts: 254Member
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    I know if I lost my dog (and I did lose my favorite dog EVER about a year ago...hardest sudden loss ever by far...), it'd be great to have a portrait maybe painted or drawn. Jewelry with a name or memory engraved might be good too.


  • Pippi the pitbulllPippi the pitbulll MiamiPosts: 6Member
    well, since she had lost her dog, DO NOT get her another dog. It will just remind her of emmy, but does she want like an iphone or something? Or something she REALLY wants? make it have something to do with emmy, like if you get her an Ipod or iphone, get a personalized case with emmy on it. Or if she wants a balance beam, make it say emmy on the side. ( I hope emmy is ur dog's name! )
  • Donna HolsteinDonna Holstein Posts: 2Member
    I'm so sorry to hear that, how old is your daughter? Getting an age on her would make it more easy to establish an appropriate gift. Thought the previous commenter had some good ideas.
  • Maria ElenaMaria Elena Posts: 202Member
    You can probably give her a painting of her dog and her and placed in her room and later on, when it would be the right time, you can get her a new dog.
  • I had my dog Chichi for 17 years and he passed. I did the portrait, have a beautiful grave sight but with time the feeling of comfort I had previously felt from these is fading. It is odd to be writing this today because I was shopping on line and just ordered a ring in my mothers memory but after I started to think about it I realized it represents all the people, pets, friends, any living form to me. It is a a simple stainless steel band ring, similar to your basic plain wedding band but it has one gold tear on the band and inside it is engraved "until we meet again". Since it is stainless steel it will stand up to wear and tear along time which is my plan to wear it until I meet those who has passed over again. I am a person who suffered great losses in my life especially my Chichi and Mom. I would put the name of the website but it may be a violation. Starts with over... hope that's not a violation
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