Layla has recently escaped our yard. Lost dog. What should I do?

we have searched for up, down, and around around our neighborhood in search for her. She's the only english Bull Terrier in my town, so I feel as though someone just picked her up, no questions asked, and simply took her. I feel as though I should keep looking for her, but I haven't a clue as to where she would be. We've lost her a couple of times, but she always seemed to be somewhere we could easily find her, but this time, she just hasn't shown up anywhere. I don't know if I should call off the search, or keep looking.

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    Don't give up! Put up flyers, put an ad on craig's list and in the local newspapers and Flyer, etc. Offer a reward, no questions asked in case she was kidnapped. Call animal control and see if any dog like yours has been taken in. Visit animal control and fill out a report for your missing dog. Call local rescues and put the word out that your dog is missing. If your dog is really lost, you are doing her a disservice by allowing her to remain homeless! If you find her, it's time for a microchip!! ^_^
  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    I would also contact all local vets. Hope you get her back! A neighbor of ours also put a very large picture of her up on his mailbox at the street. Saying lost dog please contact this #. He got his dog back.
  • Maria ElenaMaria Elena Posts: 202Member
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    Is your dog chipped? If so, you can easily track your your dog in case it gets lost. If not, you can call animal control for help and make some postings.
  • S-W- HoustonS-W- Houston HoustonPosts: 272Member
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    Good advice from all above, but, just in case they missed something, read this...
  • Sherry HalseySherry Halsey Between mountains & reality!Posts: 8Member
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    If she was mine, I'd keep looking. I would visit IN PERSON (not just call) all the local dog shelters. ....PLaster Facebook..... & yes, if she has a microchip call the company and report she is missing. My dogs are microchipped by Homeagain & the company with send mass faxes and emails to all the surrounding vets/shelters/rescues.
  • mistery Cablemistery Cable Posts: 57Member
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    If I knew what exactly you had done so far, I could give more specific advice, but just in general publicize all you can, put up posters, tell & ask people, especially do these things at any veterinary offices and animal shelters. On the same note, call vets and shelters often and if they will allow, go search for her in the back 'lost animals' room at shelters. I dearly hope she has a microchip, as this can greatly help prove she is yours if she was stolen or picked up by animal control. Whether she does or not, make sure veterinary clinics within a large radius of proximity know that she is missing and as you said the rarity of bull terriers in your area in the case that she was stolen or found and is brought in for care. Additionally, if you offer a reward for her return and/or note that she is in need of medication in your advertisements, that may get her home or to medical care where the vet could contact you (provided that you let them know of her being missing) sooner.
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