Has anyone had a problem with their dog breaking a tooth on a nylabone product?

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    It is possible, especially with a puppy or senior dog, if you are not using the right size for your dog (small, medium, large etc.) Puppies should not be eating the adult chews because baby teeth are fragile and can break or fall out and be swallowed. Puppies should only play with puppy toys or chews as a result. If you experienced none of the above, contact their customer service department and find the package information before you do so. If you threw out the package, go to the store and take a picture of it so you can send it to them. ^_^
  • Cassie RCassie R Posts: 7,413Member
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    I have heard that happening a lot with Nylabones. Switch to a different brand of toys and chews like Kong.
  • Carlyn JeffersonCarlyn Jefferson Posts: 254Member
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    Completely agree with Tasha! Seniors and puppies have more fragile teeth and generally need softer chews (doesn't mean they're easy to ruin. Classic Kong toys are soft rubber, but even tough chewers can't get through them). There's also a possibility the tooth was already decaying or had some other problem, so the bone helped it come all the way out. I'd advise switching brands, and if the toy you used was the appropriate age/weight for your dog, then maybe even contact the company to file a complaint. Best wishes! Hope your doggie is okay!


  • Do not worry at all. It is normal thing.
  • YES! Recently two of my dogs were diagnosed with broken molars. Never having this problem before I started to research the toys we have in the house. Low and behold nylabones are notorious in reviews as a source of broken teeth. It seems they create a special kind of fracture in molars which in my dogs required the teeth to be pulled. It seems the dog can put a significant amount of pressure on the rear teeth when chewing on the bone shaped ones. Needless to say the bones were tossed in the trash and my dogs are recovering nicely (still a little puffy). I had no idea the problems these bones would cause but $1,200 later I can say lesson learned and they are banned from my house. I hope this saves someone the problems I just went through.
  • doctor whodoctor who Posts: 67Member
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