Akita Inu and Chihuahua's living together?

Jayda MclarenJayda Mclaren Posts: 5Member
I have 2 chihuahuas, and I recently brought home a little Akita Inu pup. My Eldest Chi has had experience with large dogs, as we had a King Shepherd that sadly crossed the rainbow bridge a few years back. Since then, it's just been her and her pup, and I'm worried that when my Akita gets older, she may accidently hurt my Chi's. While our king shepherd never so much put a scratch on my Chi, I'm still worried about large breeds around them. Anyone out there have small are large breeds coexisting? and tips? Should I be concerned? Also, it's not that I don't trust Akitas, I had an American Akita before and he was nothing but a loving goofball, I'm just worried about my little guys.


  • R PaintR Paint Posts: 5Member
    Raising him with the chihuahuas will help so much!! Just watch them as they play when your pup gets bigger. If he plays to rough or gets carried away either the chihuahuas will let him know, or you can correct him! My akita does fine with our cats! I leave her out and about with them all the time.
  • Brooke PotterBrooke Potter Posts: 4Member
    only time can tell, just keep a squirt gun handy and an eye on them as much as possible, if the Akita does something bad, spritz him with water, the dogs will settle their own laws together as life goes on, just try to discourage bad behavior and praise good
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