I have four dogs and no place to take them!!!

My husband and I aren't doing so well and we have to move to a smaller place such as an apartment. Down in south florida there are breed restrictions, weight limits and usually allows only 1 or 2 dogs in apartments...I have four. A shihtzu, australian shepherd and two german shepherds. I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP MY TWO BIG DOGS. But I don't know what to do please help! I love my dogs and I'd rather live under a bridge but at the end of the day I have to do whats right for them. Please keep the 'you shouldn't keep dogs in a small apartment' comments. Believe me I know but not everyone thinks the same ways so please help me with the problem I have now, thank you!!

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  • S-W- HoustonS-W- Houston HoustonPosts: 272Member
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    Just be honest with the Apt Manager. If they didn't like dogs at all, they wouldn't allow any. Negotiate, promise any damage repair, what ever it takes. If you get resistance, then you're talking to the wrong guy. Try another Apt Complex. Just don't lie or cover up.
  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    Are any of them CGC certified? Sometimes, that piece of paper makes all the difference in the world. If they are well trained, you can have them take the test and they may pass without any extra training, if your short on time. You can also suggest giving a larger security deposit. I know you said you aren't doing well, but it certainly couldn't hurt if you have any extra to make the offer. Good Luck!
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    In apartments owned by Windsor down here you can have two, but my ex- and I snuck in another. You have to pay a pet deposit and they own a bunch of properties nationwide. You can also rent a small house... it will be the same price and then it won't matter AND you'll have a yard. Look for homes for rent in the Pennysaver or newspaper. I have 5 animals (all small) and live in a condo where everything but bully breeds are okay. If you do your homework the MOST you will have to rehome is one dog. ^_^


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