Skinny German shepherd mix tied in front of my neighbors yard

I recently moved and on my walks I have noticed this young German shepherd mix I saw her 2 months ago in adequate health but she was tied out front with only 3ft radius around her tie out. I saw her recently and now can see her ribs and hip bones. She is still tied up and I never seen her walked. She must either be put in the back yard or put in the house at night because she isn't out there tied up at night. I pet her every time I walk by and she is so sweet I feel bad that she is deteriorating but I want the option to take her home and not animal care and control. They are putting dogs to sleep that are in poor condition because they are full. How should I go about this situation?

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  • Anya LetsonAnya Letson Posts: 611Member
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    What if you knock on the door, introduce yourself, tell the people who answer that you live in the neighborhood, have seen the dog, she reminds you of your childhood best dog ever, and ask to walk her. Maybe after a while, you could "find" an "extra" bag of dog food/long, lightweight tie-out/friend with a dog house they don't need. Maybe they'll even ask you to take the dog. Maybe she is ill and you don't know about it. Maybe they can't afford food. You never know. If they're not breaking the law, you can't have the dog removed or the owners ticketed, but you COULD make that dog's life much better. Good luck!
  • Tammy TateTammy Tate Posts: 18Member
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    If you don't want to call a no kill shelter, google of a private dog rescue. And if you really want you can ask to be the foster until she gets adopted. Since you want to adopt her, they should give you first pick. If the dog is in really skinny shape and you can witness facts, many of the private rescues should want to step in and help. So makes it even easier. I have fostered around 50 dogs after my Zackary died. The rescue is very rewarding with help. I adopted 3 pups from mine.
  • lynn vencillynn vencil gainesville flPosts: 1Member
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    call the local animal control. If you do not want to cause trouble with the neighbor, call without leaving your name but call immediently


  • I would say call the RSPCA animal cruelty line and explain your circumstance. because her health is deteriating and if you can now see her hip bones then she needs to seek a vet and the rspca will not put an animal down. They will give the owners of this animal advice and will give them a certain amount of time to carry this through depending on the animals well being. They will then come and visit the German shepard again in a few weeks time to see how its doing. If the advice has not been carried out then they have no option but to seize the animal. get her healthy and find it a loving new home. It is the best option because she is a hgappy dog and will easily find a new home or in best scenario she will stay where she is and the owners will follow the advice taken on board and lead a happy and healthy life you can't just sit and watch this happen. The rspca cruelty number is 0300 1234 999 and is open 24 hours a day and will be happy to help any animal in need of help big or small.
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