8 Month Old German Shepherd Suddenly Passed Away in Crate. No Symptoms. Why?

I had been looking for a female German for almost a year, and finally found one that I feel in love with. We got her from a very reputable breeder in California. When she arrived (by plane) two weeks ago, everything was completely normal. I just took her to the vet last Friday. They did a blood and stool test (she did have a little blood in stool), but everything came back normal. Doctor said she was healthy. Last night, before I put her in her crate (we were crate training), I took her on a walk, we played in the yard, then I laid down with her in living room (while I was watching TV) for about 30 minutes. At bedtime, I put her in her crate (which was large enough for her to turn and move and went to my room to go to bed. Again, she was completely normal. This morning, I went to her crate to take her on a walk. She wasn't moving. I freaked out and noticed blood around her mouth and ****. She had already passed. There was no evidence of trauma, struggle, etc. She looked like she was sleeping. I took her to the ER, they did brief exam and said: 1. No palpable fluid in abdomen and no dissension 2. Blood around mouth but not in oral cavity 3. Bony material (which appeared to be vomited up) and blood towards back of crate, but not around mouth. She had Bully Stick earlier last night, but she's had several (never had problems). She was fine after eating it. No poison in or around house What happened?
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