How do I get rid of my dog's extremely treatment resistant flea problem?!?

We've tried Advantage, Frontline, vacuuming constantly, washing everything, sprays, carpet powder, etc. and nothing ever seems to actually work. The flea shampoos do kill them, but then he goes back outside again and we're back at square one. He doesn't ever have a massive infestation on him at any one time, but there are always between 5-15 and they seem to be immune to all of the anti-pest treatments out there. We'll give him a flea bath to kill them off and then apply advantage, etc. several hours later in the evening after he's dry. The next morning we'll let him out for 10-20 minutes to do his business and when he comes back in, they have made him their home again and they show absolutely no signs that the treatments even bother them! They don't die, they don't jump off, they just carry on as if we hadn't applied any anti-pest treatments at all. The more he goes out, the worse it gets. Do I treat my yard? If so, how? I'm at a loss. We have mutant fleas! Help us! Thanks!


  • BarkingSTBarkingST Posts: 10Member
    I prefer natural remedies while facing the flea infestation. One can use peppermint, basil, wormwood, tansy, garlic, pinewood sawdust. Citrus and herbal sprays are good flea repellents too. Read this article to read how to prevent the appearance of fleas in your house and yard. Hope it will come in handy. 
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