I was walking my dog on leash and she was hit and killed by a car turning what legal action can be d

Lauren FrijaLauren Frija BrooklynPosts: 1Member
facts: dog was on leash dog was crossing on walk sign dog died at the scene of accident driver left the scene of accident after being told cops were called.

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    So sorry to hear that. I would consult a lawyer in your area. Laws differ from region to region. Good Luck!
  • Leah C-Leah C- Posts: 11Member
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    You can sue, yes. I'd contact a lawyer asap.


  • J HJ H Posts: 3Member
    Sorry for your terrible loss! Don't rush to sue! Build best case. Consider: -Walk signals only indicate streetlights, not free to cross, as cars can turn on road legally. Peds have right of way, but must watch cars. -You said "dog" crossing,not you & dog. Some areas have leash/control laws & if at end of long leash dog is considered not under control. Was dog @heal or at end of lead? Was lead long? Was dog walking itself(leash in mouth)? Why didn't dog walker see car & react in time? What if driver saw/avoided dog walker, so didn't see dog? -Law may only cite driver with leaving the scene. It sounds like a person wasn't hit. If he's cited for dog, might only be ordered to pay dog's purchase price, unless service dog. -Great initial job with info but need more for lawyer. Might provide drawing. Caution some areas might give you ticket & blame for wreck, if not "in control of dog" meaning you pay to fix car. Contact lawyer. I'm not one. Good luck in this sad situation.
  • It depends were you are and the laws in your specific location and I hate to be honest but technically I know it's unfortunate but animal laws are not as respected as human laws so the most any one would get is a misdemeanor but if you want atleast some type of justice although it may not be the best for you emotionally it will be atleast something, but call an attorney and talk to them that will be your best bet
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