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My dog is a female mutt, she is a rescue and was not at the shelter for more than a week before we adopted her. She is currently a few months over a year and very small and energetic. I try everything to keep her from pulling on walks but every time I end up with sore hands and no progress. I am currently trying to take her walking every day and treat her when she does well but it seldom happens, she pulls so hard I can hear her hoarse breathing from the collar almost choking her. She is very strong for her tiny size and energetic. I was wondering if maybe a weighted jacket would be an option. She is NOT any part husky or working dog (no, I will not use the same weight that would be used for a larger dog if I do use it at all) from what we know (looks more Labrador) and she is small, but I have seen the jackets used to make hyper dogs a little easier work with. Would the jacket be a bad idea with a small dog?


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    I suggest you to read this book to train your puppy. Check out:

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    I Will suggest you use automatic dog ball thrower it will help you to train your dog......

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    Elizabeth I have had many puppies over the years and owned/operated a dog boarding business for over 23 years. I have helped dog owners with many training, health and general behaviour problems for free. It sounds like your dog has a lot of excess energy, walking your dog is good for her mental health. Walking teaches your puppy that you are the leader but only if you do it right. Walking does not expell all that extra energy though, your dog needs to run. Wearing a weighted jacket or maybe a back pack made for dogs (with items added for weight would help to burn off some calories. Carrying weight will not help your issue of pulling. I sounds like you are using a collar? I suggest you switch to a front clipping harness (like Olizee or Ruffwear), or a head collar (like Gentle leader or Halti), or Cesar Milan's leader collar. You need to get control of your dog's forward momentum, and teach your dog to walk or run by your side. I recently retired from my above business and to put my experience to good use, I built a website devoted to helping dog owners. Here is the URL to the page on teaching Basic Manners to get you started. Hopefully this additional information will help you.

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    I suggest you to read this book to train your puppy. Check out:

    I won't train my dogs with fear and boarderline abuse to get them to mind.  there has to be a better way I'd like the chance to squirt you in the eyes with vinegar solution
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