my dog is finding difficult to lift up its back legs

my GSD is of 5 years old it gave birth to 5 puppies at the age of 2.In its 4th year it had periods for more than 20 days that was and blood loss was more so our vet said that it has some Infection and he prescribed some medicines then in 5dayz periods it is 5years old and for the past 6 months it's struggling a bit to lift its back legs to stand (it lifts up the front legs easily) month by month the struggle it had to getup become more and now it's having its 5th periods,the blood loss due to periods is very less compared to the last time.yestrday we shifted its usual living place so it didn't eat anything for the whole is its 15th day of periods and now my dog is struggling too much to get up it's keep on it seem tired even today it didn't eat anything till now (new place is its problem for not eating before these two days it ate well)so what is the problem that my dog is undrgoing for the past 6 months? why is it struggling to lift its back legs??


  • jaylow femjaylow fem Posts: 41Member ✭✭
    Not too sure but it’s possible that during her birthing her pups she may have piped her hip out a little during the pups delivery I know I’m late on answering this comment I added but I lost all my emails and sights I had years before
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