After my dog's injury?

My dog injured his his hock a few months ago. We believe he may have been bitten as there was a wound directly on the hock. By the time we had got him to the vets his hock was very swollen and he was limping very badly on it. He was on antibiotics for about 3 weeks and completely out of action. After the pain was gone and it was healed the vet told me he would be ideal for physio, But we can't afford it. The vet told us he would probably suffer from arthritis in his later years and may not ever be 100% on it again. He is an agility dog so I worry the high impact obstacles are too much for him. Is there anything I could give him, perhaps supplements or exercises to help strengthen it?

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    I would google physical therapy for dogs. I did it for Koby, because we couldn't afford Physical therapy either. There is a fine line between going beyond his limits and getting range of motion back. Good Luck and I hope that helps.


  • Researching other physical therapy techniques is not a bad idea and I would suggest it. If you are worried about arthritis in the future, ask your vet about Cosequin or Dasuquin. They are medications for joint pain and used as prevention for joints getting worse. Don't forget, dogs are like people in so many ways, they just can't actual speak to us. But let him tell you if the obstacles are too much.. watch him and his body language closely. Read him and adjust as required. Also, as I like to remind everyone, if you don't feel comfortable with your vets answer or if you think they are trying to convince you to spend more money than necessary, don't hesitate to do some research and get a second opinion!
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