How hot is 2 hot 4 my dog 2 be outside? I live in Palm Springs, CA & midsummer temps have come early

Joy HealyJoy Healy Cathedral City, CAPosts: 1Member
I adopted a cairn terrier from an animal shelter on Feb. 28. He is so mellow for a terrier, doesn't bark, howls once in awhile and is all around laid back. I've heard him try to bark before and it was so raspy that I was afraid he'd been debarked but when I took him in the vet said that's not done much anymore. They think he's about 2 years old and is missing some tooth enamel. They said it could be from having distemper or being given antibiotics as a puppy or chewing on a cage. He's only eaten dry food a couple of times. I give him wet food in the morning and found some soft milkbones that are bacon flavored that he likes. The first few nights he slept with me and two other dogs (westiepoos I think) in bed. Then he suddenly started sleeping in the bathroom. I put a dog bed in there and when he's inside that's where he sleeps. But he loves being outside. Unfortunately I live in Palm Springs, CA and the mid-summer heat came early this year. My other two dogs go out the doggy door and play and come in to cool off. The new dog plays with the other dogs but I can't let them have free access to outside at night because they bark too much. But the cairn, Mr. Spock has dug good sized holes against the house to stay cool in. At night I don't let him out until it's less than 100 degrees, he likes to sleep outside now. I bring him in in the morning before it's 100 again or before I go to work. I have to go in the backyard and pick him up to bring him in. Anyway, my question is how hot is too hot to let him stay outside. Whenever I pull him out of his hole he feels cool and is not panting. But I don't understand why a hole outside is more comfortable than being in a/c on a bed. He still comes on the bed if I call him from the bathroom to be petted but as soon as I stop, it's back to the bathroom.
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