I recently put my dogs outside permanently. My female is acting out. what do I do?

I recently had a baby so my husband and I decided to put our 2 pits outside for now. They were mainly outside dogs before but would just sleep in the house at night. My female, Seidi, is approx 6-7 yrs old pit/american bulldog mix. She was strictly an outside dog for the first 2 years of her life. Since then, she stays in the house some. She enjoys being outside, and I used to have a hard time getting her to come in at night. Well, now that she's an outside dog only, she is really acting out. She is jumping on my back windows and glass back door. I am afraid she's going to break the glass as she weighs 85+ lbs. This morning I found her eating the wood framing around the back door. She is panting, pacing the back porch nonstop, and acting crazy. She is normally a very laid back dog that never tore anything up. It seems she does this at the same time every morning and night. She is scaring my other dog, because he knows I am going to come out mad as a hornet. Any suggestions or advice please!
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