I need help with my dogs play style!!!

Hello! I got my dog Charlie from the shelter about a year ago. He is a 4 year old Akita lab shepherd mix, to the best of my knowledge. He's the perfect dog. He isn't misbehaved, he isn't aggressive, and he learns quickly. The only issue, is his play style. It's very obvious he wasn't well socialized, and he is suffering due to his old owners neglect. He makes quick, defensive like stances when he tries to play. His noises are the worst part. He barks loudly and growls and he sounds aggressive. He muzzle punches to try to initiate play, which causes the other dogs to (rightfully) assume he's trying to fight them. He isn't being aggressive however. He's never bitten a dog, and in the slim chance we can find a dog to ignore his noises, they can play together wonderfully. But it's very hard to find someone with that kind of dog. We want him to be able to play and go to the dog park again. What can we do to teach him the correct ways to play so he can go back to being a dog again?!
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