I have a 1 year old maltipoo, Bentley. My dog started seeming to have breathing problems 2 days ago.

I took him to the vet yesterday and they didn't really do anything just felt him and said he was sore from some type of trauma and that's why he was having trouble breathing. I have no clue what could have caused any trauma the only possibility I can think of is my roommates dog but she gets kenneled up when no one is home. He was making noises, his whole body was moving when he would breathe, very like shallow and fast. his chest or stomach is in pain because when I pick him up from his chest area he will whine a little bit. His stomach or something inside is also making a lot of popping like noises. I'm just scared its something more serious than just pain and that it's being ignored. He also threw up yesterday but we were in the car only about 2 miles so it may have been car sickness. He didn't throw up much just kind of liquid. also the vet did say he had trachea problems, when he would feel his throat my dog would cough really bad. He gave us metacam pain meds that's it


  • jaylow femjaylow fem Posts: 41Member ✭✭
    Hi Arissa,To be honest I would go see another vet and don’t tell that vet you have already took him to a vet so that way there you can see what that vet thinks with out interfearents from the option of the other vet that’s what I would do for my litglenon cause it sure sounds like your little one did get some rough housing when you weren’t lookin just my opinion
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