Dog refuses to come at bed time and hides in garden

lp! I have an 8 year old Bassett which is a rescue dog and never had issues for nearly a year until recently. At night she refuses to come. And go to bed from outside. she understands the command and hasnt disobeyed before. She doesn't respond to treats, toys or praise. I have even left her in the garden for 2 hours. She is clearly terrified of bed but for no apparent reason. Her bed is never used as a form of punishment ironically outside is. She has never slept with us and has always had the same routine outside, then bed and was such an angel for knowing that. I've tried everythinga and nothing works even tried with a lead and I have to drag her in. Please help cause even I'm starting to hate bed time now because it takes hours to put my dog to bed!


  • brianna10brianna10 Posts: 3Member
    Hi Tom!
    I was really interested in your question and I'd like to answer in depth.
    It's clear that for some apparent reason your dog associates bedtime with a fearful feeling. Something has sparked that, whether it be as small as a new smell on the bed. You need to stop doing the same thing every night, which is trying for ages to get your dog to bed to no avail. Your dog knows when bedtime is, and knows that she needs to go to it.  I suggest changing the routine, starting from the bottom. Get your dog used to the bed, giving her praise whenever she goes near it/ touches it/ goes in it if she is fearful of it. Don't be so hurried to get her to bed. If she decides that she's not going to bed, she won't go. There is no point in trying to change her mind there and then, because dogs rarely do. Say twice "Come to bed!" or whatever you usually say. When she doesn't come inside, shut the door. Leave her in the garden for a couple of minutes, watching from a window what she's doing. Sniffing around? Playing? If it's one of these things she'll probably get bored and want to come inside. Ask her to come again. And then again after half an hour. If it an unreasonable hour, and it isn't snowing or pelting rain or it's undesirable for your dog to stay outside, just leave her.
    I know it sounds really cruel, but she'll either eventually want to some inside or want to sleep outside. In fact, some dogs just prefer to sleep outside and that's just how they work. Buy or make a kennel, and she'll happily sleep outside.
    If for some reason you have to have her inside, change up the routine. Don't let her go outside to the toilet for a while before bedtime, and keep a water bowl inside. Have her snuggle up to you on the couch or bed or wherever and have some down time. Have a routine where you wind-down before bed, and your dog will too. Sometimes, a dog has so much energy that, she just can't go to bed! Maybe let her sleep on a different bed, or move it to a different place in the house. If it's when she's outside, she's difficult to get her inside, but once shes inside, she'll go to bed, this method should work for her.
    If you have to put her in a lead to bring her inside, you are associating bedtime with a negative feeling, even though you might not realise it. It's not your, fault, just don't force her into bed. She will associate it with a negative feeling.
    Good luck!
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