Dogs constantly "at it"

We have two dogs. One is about 14 months old and a male Chiwiener and the other one is 10 months old and a female Australian cattle dog mix. Ever since we brought the younger dog home, they have been play-fighting non-stop. You cannot pet one without the other one wanting attention. They constantly steal each other's treats and toys. It is fairly obvious that the larger and younger dog is the more dominant one, but there is a constant power struggle between the two. Will it ever end? How can we encourage a more harmonic behavior between the two?

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    Sounds like normal puppy behavior to me. Koby's 4, and he and Reina still play like that. They can go for hours, sometimes all day. I just separate them into separate crates, when I've had enough of them. Kind of like a time out or quiet time. As they get older, they "should" calm down.


  • allanaw929allanaw929 Posts: 7Member
    I agree it's all normal, and it will calm as they age and as long as it's not aggression then it's absolutely fine. Personally I wouldn't crate them if they were driving me nuts, I just train mine to follow simple commands from the start so I can say "enough" and they will listen. I know Daschunds are not easy to train so you may struggle with the chiweenie but just be consistent and reward every time they listen to you and I'm sure you'd do fine. Also if any of them are not neutered I'd do that straight away, that would make a big difference. Good luck 🍀 
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