Bringing stray into indoor/outdoor house?

For about a month and a half a stray cat has been coming into our open door to come and eat. We can pet him now and we've made him a little basket to lay in and he does. He's come into contact with our other 2 cats and our dog and while there is some growling, there have been no fights. (No luck finding previous owner). My question is how do we properly integrate this cat into our home so he knows he lives here now, when we have indoor/outdoor cats and we keep our doors and windows opening (when weather permits)? He's stayed in the little side laundry room where the cat food is and only once ventured a little further in. Should we keep him closed in a room for a week or two so he knows that he can stay here? Or just a couple of days? I want him to understand that he doesn't have to leave (I only ever see him in the evening/overnight), but since we keep our doors open, I figure the only way to do that is to keep him inside for a little while? Advice please? Thanks!


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    If he comes in every night then perhaps it could work well just doing what your doing. i think he knows he can stay but is perhaps just a very much outdoorsy cat. my cat spends almost all her time outside and only comes in at night for food and sleep then goes out again.

    if your worried he might go somewhere else then perhaps shutting him in could work but see how it goes. if he was semi wild then they can turn ferrel/violent if they feel trapped and want to get out. but if he seems fine and purrs and wants attention still etc then keep him in for a few weeks then just start leaving the door open a little so he can venture out slowly.

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    I see this was asked over a year ago. Did the Cat stay around

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  • Chrysta CefarattiChrysta Cefaratti Posts: 2Member
    Yes, he did. Unfortunately, he started to be a big bully and go after our other cats all the time. We had to rehome him. It broke my heart.
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