Sudden aggression in my Aussie

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Our 6 yo Aussie is very docile and social. Loves our other dog, and gets along well with our son's long hair chihauhua. Put recently the chihuahua growled at my wife and our Aussie attacked him.they were seperated with no physical harm done. It was tense for a few days where we wouldn't leave them alone when they were together. My son moved to his new house and after a couple of weeks brought his dog over. After a couple of hours our Aussie just went after after the chihuahua for no reason.
Question one, why would he do this? And two, what can we do to correct this?
Thanks in advance


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    How old are the dogs. Are they neutered? Were you baby sitting the Chihuahua? If so how long? Has the Chihuahua been to your house before? If so how long? What gender are the dogs? What was your wife doing when the Chihuahua growled at her? Eye contact? Petting? Giving treats to other dogs, etc? Just need more info before answering the question. Thanks!

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    Sound like the Aussie may not be the issue. Sounds like she attacked the chihuahua in defense of your wife. I would question why the Chihuahua is growling at your wife. Also you said the Aussie went after him again for no reason, are you sure there was no reason. My Husky loves all other dogs, but if my Cattle Dog gives him a hard time he will put her in her place.

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